The Pomeroy’s Press. Pom’s Staff profile article. Halloween Party group shot behind the bar.

The Pomeroy’s Press welcoming “Meet the Staff” profile articles are more than a mug shot, going above and beyond showing staff faces is important and beneficial to improve connection with customers


Showing the faces of the real people front of house and behind the scenes working at Pomeroy’s in The Pomeroy’s Press pub newsletter is important and beneficial to the pub’s connection with its customers and reinforces the fact that Pomeroy’s pub is a friendly and welcoming family business.

The Pomeroy’s Press. Pom’s Staff profile article. Ross Baker.

An interesting portrait adds emphasis to the vividly written bio and captures readers’ attention by focussing their attention.

When your potential customers stumble upon Pomeroy’s Pub website, one of the first things they do is look for the craft beers on tap and the restaurant menu. What happens when they look at the team page and see more than just a mugshot, they can read a brief, vividly written bio. Customers feel comfortable knowing that they are working with real people. Having images along with names on Pomeroy’s “About Us” page helps customers realize this, which increases the site’s conversion rate and makes them less likely to bounce.

Between 2007–2010, in support of their sterling efforts in the real world, in The Pomeroy’s Press newsletter we created a better connection between Pomeroy’s and their patrons by using images wisely in print and on the pub website. Getting personal with patrons allowed them to connect with the Pomeroy’s team and the congenial culture Steve, Victoria and their family cultivated.

Backing up the Pomeroy’s family hospitality by presenting the business in an equally personable way in print media and on the web meant people were supported in emotionally investing in a relationship with the pub and quickly grew to feel it was a home away from home.

Scroll through the gallery to see a historical record of Pomeroy’s “Meet the Staff” articles and images 2007–10. Notice how delightfully vivid and entertaining the writing and imagery combination is, it makes you feel part of the ‘Pomeroy family’ experience meeting these wonderful people ‘in print’. Excellent graphic design for this popular Christchurch social venue conveys care, craftsmanship, professionalism, it is beautiful to see and fun to do.


Date: 2007–2010
Client: Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn
Reporter, photographer, editor: Chrissie Terpstra
Design, photography, desktop publishing, print production: Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands


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