A fit young man wearing his Surface Active Tuatara t-shirt on New Brighton beach beside the pier.

Shop for two colour, two-sided Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ Tuatara, New Zealand, T-shirts at Surface Active’s New Zealand or Global store.

Sale price: Surface Active Local store prices are all 10% discounted. Use code: “PERFEC” for 5% off your Global store purchase.

This two colour, two-sided Tuatara New Zealand t-shirt features an original pen and ink drawing by Shaun Waugh. The portrait depicts the tuatara beneath the ancient light of the stars of the southern hemisphere, centred on The Southern Cross. The original drawing was rendered in pen in fine detail so this art print has the look of real reptile skin. In the background is the coast of Stephens Island, the tiny off-shore island in the Marlborough Sounds that has been a sanctuary for the Tuatara, New Zealand’s living fossil, that has been extinct on the mainland for over a century.

A map showing the location of Stephens Island in the Marlborough Sounds features on the ‘New Zealand’s Living Fossil’ map design on the back of the shirt. 

The New Zealand Nature T-Shirt Company


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