Robin Willan fabricating a bespoke radiator for a WWII warbird aircraft restoration. Radiator Shop, Auto Restorations.

Radiator restoration and manufacturing shop staff 2009–12

Auto Restorations radiator shop icon.Custom vintage car and aircraft radiators are restored or manufactured to their original beautiful condition and the highest care for their originality in brass, copper and German Silver. The craftsmanship and high standard of Auto Restoration’s work is second to none as their multiple Concours D’Elegance Awards attest to.

Bugatti t49 side elevation clearcut on a white background. Auto Restorations.

The works of Ettore Bugatti advanced the 20th century aesthetics in engineering design. This Bugatti t49 restoration by Auto Restorations is one of Bugatti’s most successful 8 cylinder sports touring cars between the wars.

These photos were shot and photo composites produced 2009–2012, they offer a historical profile of Auto Restorations during that time soon after Allan Wylie stepped up from the Mechanical Shop floor to the role of General Manager. Pictures of their employees on their redesigned website, and capabilities brochure in print helped Auto Restorations transform from a faceless company to people that their customers can relate to. The highly specialised, high value personal service that Auto Restorations’ workforce offer to customers is an advantage that they have over large companies. Good photos of their skilled workforce reinforce this.

Date: 2009–12
Client: Auto Restorations
Photographer, photo composites: Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands


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