The reinstallation of the Zephyrometer wind sculpture, after scheduled maintenance and repairs, April 10–11, 2014, eleven years after it installed on the Evans Bay foreshore site. Two days of the work involved to reinstall the sculpture are chronicled in this slideshow of Phil and his highly skilled employees and sub-contractors at work.

Zephyrometer wind sculpture reinstallation

Sculpture artist Phil Price at Evans Bay, April 2014.

The sculpture gets a real workout from Wellington’s winds, but soon after the refurbished work was reinstalled on August 14, 2014 it was dramatically struck by lightning, but not defeated.



Project name: Zephyrometer installation chronicle
Client (Industry): Phil Price Sculpture / PKP Kinetics (Fine arts)
Discipline: Photography
Format: Slide show
Date: 2014

Nb. On the work safety side, it is important to point out that I comply with all Occupational Safety and Health guidelines on site and hold a current Trans-Tasman ‘Workplace Health and Safety’ card.


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