The Pomeroy’s Press. Pom’s “Locals like…” profile article. Sandra, Vaughan and Gabe.

What nicer way to illustrate Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn’s “social capital” as a local English style pub, between 2003–10, than to picture their local clientele?


The Pomeroy’s Press published one “locals like…” and one staff bio feature article every issue with beautifully lit photos of happy people—In addition to document the frequent social events organised and hosted by Pomeroy’s, the pub newspaper’s photographers were on hand to shoot galleries of great photos for the pub newsletter and web galleries for the pub’s website.

Pomeroy’s management understood that doing a good job of consistently documenting the pub clientele’s participation in their sensational events would result in their locals building the image of Pomeroy’s of themselves. Nothing is stronger.

Management understood that authentic image is not tacked-on or bought, it is nurtured and developed over time with consistent effort. This wisdom is rare; the payoff for those who have it is great. Pomeroy’s customers define what the pub is.

In the end, Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn knew itself better, and the strong support and participation of pub staff and locals meant the solid reputation of the pub practically built itself.


Date: 2003–2010
Client: Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn
Reporter, photographer, editor: Chrissie Terpstra
Design, photography, desktop publishing: Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands


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