A little kid wearing a Surface Active dolphin t-shirt at New Brighton beach, beside the pier.

Our colourful Dolphins leaping t-shirt will give kids a smile! Shop now for your New Zealand designed kids’ dolphin tee at Surface Active’s New Zealand or Global store. Several sizes, styles and colours for men, women, kids and babies too! Sale price: Surface Active local store prices are all 10% discounted. Use code: “PERFEC” for 5% off your Global store purchase. The all-over printed version of the Dolphins leaping design on a unisex t-shirt is available from the Surface Active Global store.

The colourful print of four common dolphins leaping is brought to life with a watercolour splash.

Common dolphins (Delphinus delphus) are seen in Kaikoura mainly in the summer time. Kaikoura is one of the best places in New Zealand to view marine wildlife and rated as one of the best in the world to swim with dolphins.

Surface Active - The New Zealand Nature T-shirt Company logo. Positive, black on white version.
Video short of a young woman walking down the street in a Surface Active dolphin t-shirt.

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