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Pionair, “At 165mph ‘Dulcie’ will fly you back to the Golden Era of Air Travel” Golden Era of Air Travel / Circumnavigation of Australia by Classic DC3 Airtour double page magazine advertisement. The first ad in a 3 ad campaign.

DC3 Golden Era campaign

The advertising and marketing campaign celebrating the pinnacle in Pionair’s Classic DC3 airliner phase of development in New Zealand and Australia.

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Pionair Australia, Classic DC3 aviation, Sydney & Beyond, 4-panel, gate-fold, DLE tourism brochure

Pionair Sydney DC3 flightseeing brochure

Desktop publishing as in-house designer for Pionair was a path of discovery. Why is striving to make something look better worthy toil? There are benefits to clarity, ease of understanding for busy people justifies hours in production.

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Pionair Unparalleled Journeys, affluent travel, inbound tourism booklet, brochure

Pionair unparalleled journeys booklet

Pionair Unparalleled Journeys’ travel brochure offered exclusive, tailormade travel for the discerning First Class Independent Traveller (F.I.T.) market from North America, Europe and South America to Australasia, Papua New Guinea, and the South Pacific.

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