Front three-quarter view, from starboard fore quarter of Convair CV580 ZK-KSA, at the end of her inaugural flight, Palmerston North to Wigram Airfield, Christchurch. Newly refurbished and sporting the new specialised Pionair aircraft ‘fluid’ livery’ designed by Shaun Waugh as part of the 2006 Pionair rebrand project.
As I worked for Pionair at the time I had access to the rolling 3m high platform used for refuelling the aircraft and working on the engines, so I was able to shoot these pleasing views from above the waistline of the fuselage.
Two reasons for clear cutting the aircraft; the Air Force control tower was many years overdue for a repaint and looked terribly shabby, secondly to be able to make the aircraft pop out of the scene.
Photo: Shaun Waugh


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