Native Animal Lovers Rejoice!

You can order your very own New Zealand nature t-shirts from our brand new exhibition at Brighton Gallery, open until January 8th. All works, t-shirts & original prints, are designed & printed in New Brighton. To order contact:

Looking for the perfect way to show your love for your favourite native animal? Order your kiwi t-shirt today. T-shirts are available in a variety of colours and styles for adults and kids, making it easy to find the right one for you.
Five Surface Active art prints on a sunlit gallery wall.

The New Zealand wildlife art prints of Surface Active

Since Chrissie and I were a kids we have been enthusiasts of the natural world and as design pARTners since 1985 our New Zealand nature wildlife art designs are an expression of this.

I finished four years of study in Graphic Design at Auckland Technical Institute in 1983. After a five year career as an advertising art director in Auckland, Christchurch, Hong Kong and Reykjavik I was equipped through illustration, graphic design, drawing and painting to achieve our aim of creating a variety of stimulating visual images that originate from the experiences and knowledge of the natural world that Chrissie and I bring to our collaborations. We create wildlife art of native birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, trees, plants and landscapes at locations all over New Zealand that I photograph, and we research the image libraries of renowned New Zealand wildlife photographers in search of reference for iconic imagery.

The Surface Active New Zealand Nature T-shirt Company range of t-shirt designs has been developed since the year 1986 when we first started screenprinting on the kitchen table in our flat, with frequent updates of new designs between 1988 to the present. We display our latest limited edition wildlife art prints using specialist room mock-up software. Please revisit every few weeks, I’m sure there will be some fresh images for you to look at. As full-time professionals 1988–2003 Chrissie and I designed over 100 original wildlife art designs with New Zealand, Antarctica and African “big five” megafauna themes. Since 2003 we have continued creating new designs and during lockdown 2020 and 2021 we created a new design every few weeks.

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Photo of a young man with a cup of coffee engaged in art print production with a red-billed gull, New Brighton pier sunrise composite illustration on the computer monitor of his iMac alonside a matching large format framed poster of the same print sitting on his desk. The headline is on the dark navy blue background of the wall and reads: “Let's celebrate our passion for New Zealand… on your wall. Surface Active wildlife art prints. Canvas & specialty papers available.”

Surface Active Wildlife Art Gallery Prints

Surface Active design pARTners Chrissie Terpstra and Shaun Waugh welcome orders to reproduce fine art prints from our collection of wildlife artworks, linked here. We provide archival/fine art quality reproduction prints of our works—perfect for your walls or as a gift.

Our offering of limited edition wildlife art prints celebrating New Zealand nature is founded on two strong foundations:

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A pocket-size showcase brochure in a custom carbon fibre clam for the kinetic sculptures of Phil Price

Pocket-size brochure for the kinetic sculptures of Phil Price

A pocket-size showcase brochure in a custom carbon fibre clam for the kinetic sculptures of Phil Price.

A tight budget means doing more with less so this dual purpose business card brochure needed to show a range of kinetic works. Thinking of my paper as a screen or a stage I laid out a montage onto eighteen small panels that unfold into an informative, a4 size flier.
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Phil Price Sculpture rebrand & web makeover

Phil Price is a very successful New Zealand sculptor based in Melbourne and Christchurch who has achieved international renown for his mesmerising wind-activated kinetic works. A successful web design makeover outcome demanded a strong, clear, consistent focus so that all elements ’speak’ in a single voice that engages Phil’s audience.

For me, graphic design, at its best, tells a visual story with the same excitement, pacing and dynamics of a great movie, play, or musical composition, it evokes strong emotion.
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Title, Opto short film.

Video is kinetic graphics

Title, Opto short film.Tree of Life short film title frameVideo is kinetic graphic design, and the field of video production is a subset of the visual communication and graphic design services MagentaDot Brands offers.

Tree_of_Life_alive__Phil_Price_Kinetics-8072Both in its long history and in the explosion of visual communication in the modern era there is at times a blurred distinction/fuzzy boundary between, and overlapping of, advertising art, graphic design and fine art. This is exemplified by the “Superstars” of 60s Pop Art such as Warhol and Lichtenstein—who made stylistically refined “high-brow” fine art works derived from banal and ubiquitous consumer goods and the media/tabloid starmaker machinery of celebrity culture i.e; Campbell’s Soup, Marilyn Munroe and low-brow Comic Book Art.
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Tree of Life short film title frame

Tree of Life | Kinetic sculpture short film

Scupture short film: Tree of Life | Phil Price

The large scale, wind-activated kinetic sculpture “Tree of Life” is a major, permanent Public Artwork by Phil Price of Christchurch, New Zealand. Commissioned by Peninsula Link* and installed in December 2012 at the Cranbourne Road exit site, in the suburb of Frankston, located in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. The Cranbourne Road site on the Langwarrin exit ramp is one of the exit points for access to the McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park**.
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Phil Price installing the Tree of Life, Karingal, Melbourne, Australia.

Tree of Life kinetic sculpture installation

Tree of Life documentary photography (December 10–11, 2012. Cranbourne Road exit, Peninsula Link, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The large scale, wind-activated kinetic sculpture “Tree of Life” is a major, permanent Public Artwork designed and made by Phil Price of Christchurch, New Zealand. The work was commissioned by Peninsula Link[1] and installed in December 2012 at the Cranbourne Road exit site, on the Langwarrin exit ramp. This is one of the exit points for access to the McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park[2].
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Tuwing. Kinetic sculpture by Phil Price.

Phil Price Sculpture portfolio

This gallery of Phil Price Sculpture represents a selection of images form an 8 year ongoing collaboration between myself and Phil Price (Phil Price Sculpture and MagentaDot Brands). The collaboration is a work in progress that aims to progressively document both Phil’s completed kinetic works and selected work methodologies. This selection is of the best heroic photos of the wide range of Phil’s completed outdoor, wind-activated works, large, medium and small scale, from civic sculptures to private commissions in Australia and New Zealand.
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Zephyrometer wind-activated kinetic sculpture gallery

Wellington is located at the southern tip of New Zealand’s North Island and so it sits plum in the middle of the Roaring 40s, in addition the geography of narrow Cook Strait separating North & South islands funnels the strong westerly winds increasing their velocity and gustiness—which is why Wellington is known to Kiwis as “Windy Wellington”. Zephyrometer is situated in one of the capital’s windier spots en-route to the airport at Evans Bay which means it has been enjoyed by millions since 2003, and sees it regarded with some affection and pride by many Wellingtonians. My involvement with the Zephyrometer project began in 2002 when I was commissioned by Phil to illustrate a mock-up of the work and layout his successful submission to the Meridian competition.
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