I care about how my clients’ companies present themselves to the world, and adding real value to my clients’ business. Designing business cards is challenging, but although it is a difficult task it can be solved with creativity, wit and invention. This diverse compilation includes the gamut of client categories, from heavy industrial corporates to performing artists who aim to induce a smile in the mind, this diverse compilation demonstrates how cool this simple and timeless form of communication can be.

Business cards provide vital contact information and a presentation that speaks volumes about you—and your organization. Your business card must be an object of pride, it must convey a distinctive personality, and be something you are proud to hand over. As we have heard a thousand times, you only get one chance to make a good impression and despite what you might expect in the digital era the low-tech business card proliferates.

Approaching business card design work MagentaDot Brands’ appreciates cards that have the confidence to say “This is who we are and what we do.” The range of cards featured encompasses designs that run the gamut—from matter-of-fact to fun, minimal to utmost—but with a common thread: every card has a personality. Efficient communication, easily accessible key information, practical and creative.

©magentadot brands


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