MTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure cover, hand held mock up, photorealistic visual

MTC Equipment is able to make a mark in the Agricultural, Industrial and Road Transport industries by creating a launch announcement and product brochure that stands out from the norm.

MTC_logo_greys_256Once a mainstay of the graphic design business, nowadays print brochures are more the rarity. My fascination with ink on paper is perennial, and I was inspired by the opportunity to create a small brochure for MTC Equipment, short and to the point.

This is the corporate brand launch brochure combined with a catalogue of the new product range, timed for release in 2015 along with their new E-commerce website. The brochure is to inform their market of the firm’s new identity and rebrand, and also to announce their exciting new Chieftain distributorship, and to show off their new range of products in an engaging, 12-page A4 format. The brochure also aims to create awareness of their brand new website being developed side-by-side with the brochure. For MTC it was important that the brochure stand out from the competition. The main message of this piece is to convey what distinguishes MTC Equipment as a new and used transport trailer sales, import and distribution agency. “The simple pleasure of turning pages to find things out. Scale, ink and paper… there is something physically compelling about the printed brochure, it demands we interact.” adds Waugh. “The care and craft, the knowledge behind the artful hand—a well-executed brochure enables the multiple facets of the Chieftain range of products, plus MTC’s capabilities and service offerings to be showcased.”

MTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure inside spread, hand held mock up, photorealistic visual

Bringing a personal face to the introductory spread Managing Director James Murray introduces the newly renamed and rebranded company and announces that MTC are now Chieftain Trailer’s New Zealand distribution, sales and service agent and that he is excited to be able to offer bespoke trailers direct from the Irish manufacturer to their New Zealand customers. The contents page introduces the full line of types and models at a glance.

Brochures feature not only branding and design but photography, illustration, writing, fonts, materials and text. Digital-in, digital-out desktop publishing has advanced full-throttle over the last three decades, but the physics of ink and toner on paper remain unchanged, and the physical presence of print and the merit of artfully executed print work remains as inspiring as it ever was.

The design process began with the development of the theme of displaying the optimum number of product image and information entries per page while reproducing the small web quality imagery at a sufficient size to show Chieftain’s products in a systematic structure that’s clear, well organised and easily read. Although a diverse range of products exist and the supplied photography is almost all low resolution, by aligning the basic method of spatial organisation to a grid and making good use of the inherited brand colour the pages have a fresh, easy to read look that ties the whole package of trailers and equipment together and connotes a friendly, positive attitude. The robust and lively display typeface adds to the dynamic feel of the layouts.

MTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure back cover, photorealistic visualMTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure back cover, photorealistic visual

The back cover design is a break from the run of document. It features a festive display of spares and a half page horizontal advertisiment launching a new “High Tensile” semi-trailer type. The launch ad in the MTC Equipment rebrand campaign.

MagentaDot Brands founded this straightforward visual system upon the craft approach of clear-cutting all the trailers away from their often distracting backgrounds and placing them on large fields of solid colour (the brand red and two darker shades). This evens out the variable quality of the imagery, directs the viewer through the structured compositions and focusses their attention on the features of each product. It also allows the pages to be packed with information, without seeming overly cramped or crowded.

Given that Agricultural and road transport semi-trailers are primary workhorses of the economy, not pristine kitchen appliances or luxury cars, it follows that a smattering of grungey and distressed illustrative ingredients in the design mix help make the design appear fit for purpose.

Cutting away the images also allows a certain playful  interaction between the strong product page divisions and the highly legible type. The final design combines a clear, systematically structured communication workhorse with a fresh energetic image that forms a design alliance with the new website.

Cover and inside spread gallery

 Run of document gallery


Project name: MTC Equipment 2016 launch brochure
Brand and identity systems design / Information design / Illustration /  Print production / Promotional design and advertising / Typographic design
Client (Industry): MTC Equipment (Automotive)
Formats: Booklet / Brochure / Direct mail
Date: 2015


Printer: BrightPrint Limited
Design firm:
 MagentaDot Brands
Client / Shaun Waugh
Creative director / designer / illustrator: MagentaDot Brands
Font credits: Defense, Futura, Futura Condensed, Impact

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