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Rebrand projects fall under one of these three categories;

‘Soft’ makeover or facelift rebrand

Where the company name is retained but the existing corporate identity is repaired and cleaned up as with Auto Restorations. The logo re-creation process strengthened their brand for use on the web and in print and was the first phase of a complete overhaul of the brand identity system.
Auto Restorations’ new letterhead, 2009. a ‘soft’ BRAND-AID rebrand, meaning the company name was retained but a complete logo restoration was necessary to strengthen it and correct its faults Brands for New Zealand companies, Christchurch, New Zealand.

A complete rebrand

Tru-Line Civil | Rebrand, identity system, web design

The company name is retained but the logo and corporate identity system is completely renewed (as occurred with Pionair, Tru-Line Civil, and The Herb Centre projects for example).

A complete rename + rebrand.

Rebranding a company or product for growth is a natural course correction for a firm that nonetheless requires careful consideration and planning to be sure of achieving a successful outcome. Whether your business, product or organisation needs a ‘soft’ or a ‘complete’ rebrand, MagentaDot Brands has the expertise necessary to give you a hand.

Renaming better

Companies grow, product lines expand, contract and change to adapt to dynamic market conditions. Companies, end up with brand names and brand images that no longer reflect the character of the firm, who they are and what they do. The same can be said of products also. Renaming a company and rebranding for growth may be essential, coordinating the launch of a rename and/or rebrand to the launch of your redesigned website is a proven strategy.

WindsorUrban | Rename, rebrand, web design

The first step of implementing a new name is a full brand trademark and domain name audit and clearance. The change of a company name is a natural course correction for a firm that nonetheless requires careful consideration and planning to be sure of achieving a successful outcome. Thorough research along with close consultation with the client leads to a good working understanding of what position the company or product occupies in their industry and informs the optimal strategy to adopt to implement the rebrand. Browse my rebranding and company renaming portfolio. If you are thinking of starting a new business name project contact me here.


Full domain name & trademark clearance is best!

For a small to medium sized New Zealand company or product that trades within New Zealand this process is carried out without the need for bringing in third-party consultants to get the job done. However if your goal is to export and protect your brand’s intellectual property and/or patents in international markets like the U.S. then a full Trademark Clearance Process that assesses the availability of your trademark or name, looks for similar marks or names used in connection with the same or related goods or services will need to be subcontracted to a law firm that specialises in that area of expertise.