Bill Swallow tipping into The Creg. Photo Credit: Dave Kneen

Classic TT Posters, IOM

Megaphones on the Isle! A set of four posters designed and produced by MagentaDot Brands to mark the Velocette Racing New Zealand, Isle of Man Classic TT 2014 campaign. The quality action photos feature Bill Swallow whistling round the mountain course aboard the handbuilt Eldee-2 250 Special Velocette in the Isle of Man Classic T.T. Junior race, August 26, 2014.

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Pomeroy’s second first ever Laugh Inn poster

Posters portfolio

Poster portfolio of visually striking, eye-catching designs that get the attention of passers-by to attract them to an event, convey a commercial message, educate, or as works that are an art-form in themselves.

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Nick Thomson, Eldee T.T., lightweight, Velocette special, side elevation, starboard side, petrol tank, new Eldee Velocette badge, carbon fibre petrol tank and fairing, rider, Bill Swallow, flying swallow mark, publicity photo, photographer, Shaun Waugh, MagentaDot Brands

Eldee I.O.M. TT launch posters

To commemorate both the launch of the Eldee-TT in July 2014, and the massive achievement represented by the VRNZ team getting the classic Velocette racing machine rebuilt, equipped and race-ready in time for shipping to the Isle of Man I flew to Wellington to photograph a set of heroic publicity photos of the bike—and to provide hands-on assistance applying the decals I had designed, race numbers, rider’s signature, sponsors logos etc., onto the new carbon-fibre racing fairing and seat.

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Superior Hummer Limousines, A2 Poster art, display, Promotional design and advertising, digital illustration, photography

Hummer Limos poster

The “Wow!” factor of the stretch Hummer limo, the largest of its type in Christchurch, means that the vehicle is a real head-turner, literally its own best advertisement.

When waiting to pick-up or dropping off clients the unique Super-Stretch Black Hummer Limousine garners a lot of attention from passers-by. In addition to handing out the “Welcome aboard” brochure to prospective clients, the brochure artwork is designed to double as a pair of A2 promotional posters.

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