MTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure cover, hand held mock up, photorealistic visual

MTC 2016 launch brochure

This brochure announces to MTC’s market news of the firm’s rename, rebrand, website and their exciting new Chieftain distributorship by showcasing their broad new range of products in an engaging, 12-page A4 format.

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Auto Restorations A5 brochure front cover

“Automotive dreams” brochure

Auto Restorations has a story to tell. This capabilities and profile brochure was designed with people in mind who will have heard about Auto Restorations by other means, such as work of mouth. The core of the brochure design, as with the website redesign is for people to see the sort of things that Auto Restorations do, the sort of company that they are.

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Superior Hummer Limousines, Z-fold, DLE brochure

Hummer Limos: “Welcome aboard” brochure

“Welcome aboard”—the accordion six page folder format makes for an interactive and entertaining super-stretch sales brochure that contributed to the launch of a new Christchurch brand entering an already well served market. Superior Hummer Limos’ black super-stretch Hummer limo, the largest of its type in Christchurch, is a real head-turner…

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