Bionona is a global biotechnology commercial persuasion brand that aims to motivate the sale of goods in the personal healthcare, therapeutic and cosmetics consumer markets, while also inspiring confidence in their business partners in product development and their peers in scientific research and development. The launch of Bionona’s new website and brand was a combined brand launch and website design project presented to three stakeholders that comprised the client, all located remotely in different cities. This web presentation was based on the client brief and my market research online and in pharmacies and health food stores.

To ensure the design work is aimed in the right direction I reflected back my understanding of the client brief, and the insights gained from my research. This collegial effort affirmed that I understood the design problem in the business/market framework of the client and presented my research to the mix in a manner that built consensus between designer and client.

MagentaDot Design Works: The Creative Brief

The process of building a great brand begins with defining the marketing communications problem. By studying the market and the competition to first define the business “problem” that branding project is intended to solve.

Collection of the logos of leaders in the relevant market sectors.

Design inspiration is drawn from the colours, typefaces, and styles of logo that define the visual language of the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech research market.

Competitor logos serve as a guide for exploring design directions.

The Bionona logo must appeal, function and last. Gathering information on competitor logos serves as a guide for exploring design directions and to market tastes.

The concept origination and development Methodology

Sound research and The Creative Brief, in other words, form the foundation of the methodology that delivers brands that have longevity and value and websites that effectively connect customers with client’s brands. The Method has 3 stages to bring highly finished visuals to the client presentation meeting;

  1. The first stage involves gathering information,
  2. which leads to generating ideas as quick thumbnail roughs on paper and
  3. finally the process of developing and preparing favoured rough design concepts as visuals for presentation using digital illustration tools.

I don’t know what I think til I see what I say

My research revealed there are different kinds of logos and logo elements that I explored in the process of design development. Studying the variety of styles of logos that define the visual look and feel of the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech research market I identified three styles of logos predominate so it was reasonable to set the creative direction for this presentation in these styles;

  1. Type + Symbol,
  2. Typographic Logos and
  3. Emblems

I don’t know before I begin the design process which creative direction is going to be best. Visual design is a process of finding out and sharing these discoveries with the client. This iterative process of presentation, feedback, development is one of consensus building.

I have more to say about The Creative Brief here.

The Bionona brand and website creative brief

  • Q: Who is your audience/market(s)?
  • A: Global. Sufferers of skin diseases and their physicians. Initial focus on English speaking developed West. U.S. market as leading pin in the global marketing bowling alley. If brands and products gain acceptance in the U.S. the rest of the developed West will follow. When circumstances/opportunities arise the website will be able to be translated into multiple languages in response to demand.
  • What do they know about your product/service now? Little to nothing.
  • What do you want them to know about your product/service after they have read/seen your communication? See below.
  • Why will they believe you? READ MORE

Engaging the principles of successful branding

Successful brands have to address the target audience’s needs. The best brands provide visual triggers to connect with consumers subconscious desires. Before beginning to develop a proprietary visual language for Bionona it is first necessary to identify how best to connect with them. This process begins with the effort to understand through discipline and compel through imagination. Disciplining creativity begins with a visual review of fitting visual themes that can focus on our audiences’ needs. Disciplined creativity is the most powerful tool in the MagentaDot Brands branding toolbox.

Disciplined creativity

In the exploration and prep for the presentation, I kept my mind open to the possibility that there may be a better logo to be discovered than this expedient solution presents. Which is to say that there are merits to Bionona, the marketing company, having an identity distinct from Decima, the research and development entity, for it to have an identity as distinct as their markets and commercial purposes.

The theme of typographic logo with customised letters and pictorial add-on.

Applying the Decima theme of typographic logo with customised letters and pictorial add-on to the Bionona logo instantly affirms their interdependence.

Side-by-side comparison of a Bionona brand in the manner of Decima.

Side-by-side comparison of a Bionona brand in the manner of Decima demonstrates that “following suit” with the existing theme generates coherence.

Bionona logo draft preview grid 1-01

Logo draft preview grid 1-01. Exploring colour & type. The abstract idea of therapeutic care is conveyed by the symbol’s emergent properties.

As a framework for exploring logo styles I  identified a range of design directions or themes specified below that range from concrete to abstract. They were the most likely to yield the optimum Bionona brand.

The themes cover a domain of visual styles bounded by the following set of key “image words” that express mood, visual style and taste that can be expressed through the creative use of the graphic design toolkit;

  • science and clinical,
  • smart and technical,
  • nature, warmth, humanity and care,
  • transformative and
  • inspiring improvement.

These themes are expressed across the categories listed below, note that several visuals bridge several categories and visual styles;

  • [1.0] Decima theme
  • [2.0] Plant / nature, (Health / healthcare / therapeutic skincare.) Healthcare and skincare encompass emotional ideas such as care and concern for the wellbeing of customers.
  • [3.0] Science-based Medicine / healthcare.
  • [4.0] Medical science research / healthcare.
  • [5.0] Abstract concepts i.e; Transformational health ideas / Transforming ideas in health,

2.0 Draft concept preview gallery theme: Plant / nature / therapeutic skincare

The concept visuals are presented in a sequence of galleries below containing logo preview grids that combine real world mock ups of the logo and a standard set of visual performance tests that verify the following pragmatic issues are well resolved;

  • 2, 3 and full colour renderings,
  • one colour and black and white versions,
  • versions on a white background and “reversed” out of black and solid colour
  • readability and distinctiveness at a range of sizes
  • objective review and ‘apples-with-apples’ comparison of colour and type

3.0–6.0 Draft concept preview gallery themes: Health / healthcare / medicine / research / abstract ideas

Transforming ideas in health: The positioning statement rationale

The positive attributes of the “Transforming ideas in health” tagline. First thing is the overall effect of the double-entrendre. Transforming ideas in health can be understood to mean that any particular medicine, therapeutic process or other breakthrough that Bionona markets is in itself a Transforming idea in health—in that sense the line means or alludes to the set of all products and Intellectual Property as well as any specific product. The other meaning is generalised, aspirational and affirming; by transforming ideas in health Bionona as an entity is in the business of Biotech innovation through experiment and objectively tested in clinical trials—so Bionona’s purpose is to bring clinically proven transforming ideas to the domain of health care. There is third layer of overall meaning, which represents Bionona as pioneering in the Biotechnology field, so the Myricell topical cream is transforming the ideas of how skin diseases may be treated and thereby improving the lives of skin disease sufferers day-to-day. The strapline positions Bionona correctly within the domain of clinically proven healthcare.

Hand-held photorealistic mockup of front of Bionona business card, printed in 4 colours, litho offset.

The final Bionona logo creates a strong signature for the company. The logo design is an infographic symbol of a snip genetic code from a novel peptide developed in the lab.

Final Bionona logo presentation gallery

Myricell logo and packaging presentation gallery


Client: Bionona Limited
Category: Biotech pharmaceutical / healthcare marketing
Logo design: Shaun Waugh / MagentaDot Brands
Disciplines: Identity systems design, illustration, digital illustration, logo design

©magentadot brands

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