MagentaDot Brands’ Project Process.

The project will be run according to MagentaDot Brands’ Project Process.

MagentaDot Brands cannot always guarantee to start work immediately on a project but will coordinate a date with the client when work can commence.

If MagentaDot Brands has produced a proposal spreadsheet wireframe document for the project then MagentaDot Brands will commence work at once, provided you supply us with:

  • Logos, illustrative designs, photos, graphics and any related materials to be incorporated into the Web solution in a state ready for publication. Final written content, data, and other textual information. These materials must be made supplied prior to the website design and build phase commencing. Any further additional or alternative material supplied at a later date may incur an additional charge.
  • Where applicable comply with all the terms of any custom Web hosting agreement set up through third parties recommended by MagentaDot Brands.
  • Should you decide to make design changes once the concept has been signed off, MagentaDot Brands may quote for an additional charge.

During the Web Site Development Cycle MagentaDot Brands may at intervals place versions of the client’s Web site on one of MagentaDot Brands’s demonstration servers so that the client may view and comment upon the Web site’s progress, and approve design concepts and prototypes. When both MagentaDot Brands and the client agree that the Web site meets the criteria agreed during the projecting process, MagentaDot Brands will invoice the client for the remainder of the amount due for the project. At MagentaDot Brands’s discretion, MagentaDot Brands may choose to delay publishing some clients Web sites until full payment for the Web design project has been received.

Responsive Website Beta phase acceptance testing

We will conduct acceptance testing on the deliverables across major platforms, desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone to ensure that it performs in accordance with the proposal. You will also need to conduct acceptance tests on the deliverables within 2 weeks of the site’s beta installation to ensure that it performs in accordance with the proposal. If a site deliverable does not pass the acceptance test, we will correct the failure. You will then repeat the acceptance testing. Such processes shall continue iteratively until the relevant deliverable passes the acceptance test.

If during the project process you request additional or revised functionality/site content from the deliverables specified in the specification or proposal outline, then MagentaDot Brands will provide a time plus materials quote for providing these increases to the job scope which will be charged in addition to the cost of the Web project.

Responsive Web Solutions will be designed and tested to operate on mainstream PC and Mac web browsers. laptops and Mobile devices, such as iPhones, Android Phones and also tablets.

Hourly Rates & Tax

Hourly rates for creative work are charged in your local currency, or USD for those not listed below

  • Canada – $100.00 CAD. No GST/Sales Tax is charged.
  • UK – £70.00 POUND. No VAT is charged.
  • European Union – €80.00 EURO. No VAT is charged.
  • New Zealand – $100.00 NZD + GST of 15%.
  • Australia – $100.00 AUD. No GST is charged.
  • United States – $100.00 USD. No Sales Tax is charged.
  • Social enterprises or registered charitable trusts or may be eligible for special discounted rates.

Rates for non-creative work, i.e.; clerical tasks, image library tasks, copy typing, and research are charged at rates beween $NZD 50–$100. These rates are specified in job detail activity reports and invoices.

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