Windsor-Urban web design showcase, three pages from the site displayed in an overlapping composition.

Windsor Urban symbol and type logo and trademark, two colours bright orange and dark grey on white. The symbol is a stylized pool of light drawn in coarse halftone dots that form a radial glow from the centre out within an implied slanted oval shape. Windsor Urban name is set as a unit, in clean extended sans-serif Eurostile font, the words differentiated by a colour change from dark grey to orange. Company rename and rebrand. Brands for New Zealand companies, Christchurch New Zealand.

I originated the new brand name, rebranded and in collaboration with the sales manager and CEO implemented a strong repositioning strategy centred on the distinguishing feature of WindsorUrban being the longest standing New Zealand manufacturer of street lighting and urban furniture in New Zealand. I built the new brand around that strong market positioning and strong growth in sales in the developing market segments of contemporary lighting design and energy saving, durable LED lighting were among the results.Windsor Urban brand use document cover

Project Overview

WindsorUrban is an established Christchurch manufacturer of street lighting and urban furniture. At the start of 2012 MagentaDot Brands took on the project of redesigning the firm’s outdated Web 1.0 style site. But the as I researched the project and began sketching up draft logo ideas for presentation using the legacy name “Windsor Heritage” it became clear that the name had become outmoded and no longer reflected the firm’s product range and design innovation to such an extent that it was restraining the development of the optimal logo and brand image. My observations prompted a dialogue with the chief executive and the marketing manager, the upshot of which was the website redesign job developed into a complete company rename and rebrand project.

Clicking together a great web design!

Square image modules and page layouts based on a grid make for handsome organised web pages that are populated in a hurry.

A coherent, appealing website is a 24-hours-a-day selling machine to the domestic and export markets. WindsorUrban’s is a website that is as effective as their leading salesperson, as knowledgeable as their top buyer and as organised as their best office administrator. Their website captures online everything that is good about WindsorUrban’s business.

Prior to the redesign the legacy website was so poor that it was buried on page 12 of a Google search for “Urban Lighting, New Zealand”. Since my redesign the site ranks in the top three.

That achievement rested on my design for the website. It is built of compact modules that snap together neatly into a handsome grid. Not only does it look great, when you’re populating the site the pages come together really fast. With clearly designated slots for every element on the product catalogue pages, what started out as an overwhelming nested structure of folders containing resources my efforts transformed into a coherent website of neatly packaged pages and intuitive navigation. Customers use it with ease.

The clever web-app, the brainchild of the marketing manager/client Steve Campbell, has come together as a touchpoint that enables customers to mix and match streetlight luminaries and poles in any way they choose.


The Streetlight Creator web-app enables customers to mix-and-match lighting poles, outstretch arms and luminaires in hundreds of combinations.

The grid structure organises the page information into uniform easy to read bites. The same grid structure that’s so easy to build is unusually easy for the user to navigate.

In addition to the accessible product catalogue the WindsorUrban site has a homepage that introduces the firm and helps the user navigate the site contents.

A rename that informs, modernises, accentuates and sells

The company was originally named ‘Windsor Heritage’. However it became clear as the research and development of the website progressed that the company had grown, product lines had expanded, market conditions had changed.

The heritage ‘Victorian / Edwardian’ style of the name and logo was a company brand image that no longer reflected who they were or what they did.

I raised this concern with the business owner and the marketing manager. It transpired that they and the sales team had similar reservations and agreed with me that a company rename and rebrand was essential for growth.

To proceed developing the web design without first squaring away the rename and rebrand was to put the cart before the horse. It followed that the best time to announce the rename and rebrand was to roll that into the launch of the redesigned website.



The human element

Illustration was necessary to portray a large number of products within the ighting columns / poles, signage systems, tree protection ranges of which there were no photos available from the client and no budget to photograph them.

Adding human figures to the presentation of street lighting and street furniture products gives context and scale and draws attention to products that are designed to blend into the built urban and suburban environment.



Client: WindsorUrban
Category: Industrial engineering, Diversified industrial
Company renaming and rebranding: MagentaDot Brands
Web Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Web coding, CMS customisation, Web-app coding: Limelight Online
Web app design: Steve Campbell (WindsorUrban), Shaun Waugh (MagentaDot Brands)
CMS site population and management:
 MagentaDot Brands.
Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design, Digital illustration, Photography, Project management, Rename, Rebrand, Signage and display, Technical writing, User experience design, Web design, Web content management.

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