Southern DC3 Newsletter, Spring 2007, front cover.

Southern DC3 Newsletter

The multicolumn layout makes for an easy read and a flexible format that packs in plenty of information per page. Photography, illustration and other graphics make the newsletter more visually appealing and encouraging people to either dip into the articles that interest them first or read the newsletter from end to end.

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Trust patron Richie McCaw smiling in the pilot’s seat of the Southern DC3.

Southern DC3 Trust prospectus & flyers

The Southern DC3 Charitable Trust was formed in early 2006 to raise NZD$500,000 to purchase the DC3 aircraft AMY then to preserve and maintain her as a ‘young’ (very low air-miles) example of the classic DC3 type—a fully operational working example for the enjoyment of future generations of New Zealanders to be based at Ashburton Aviation Museum.

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Pionair Unparalleled Journeys, affluent travel, inbound tourism booklet, brochure

Pionair UPJ “affluent travel” booklet

Attention to detail and exceptional service was Pionair’s speciality; Pionair was simultaneously a ‘best in class’ tour operator and an airline that specialised in private air charter. Pionair Unparalleled Journeys’ travel brochure offered exclusive, tailormade travel for the discerning First Class Independent Traveller (F.I.T.) market from North America, Europe and South America. Every UPJ vacation was put […]

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A pocket-size showcase brochure in a custom carbon fibre clam for the kinetic sculptures of Phil Price

Pocket-size brochure for large kinetic wind sculptures

A pocket-size showcase brochure in a custom carbon fibre clam for the kinetic sculptures of Phil Price. A tight budget means doing more with less so this dual purpose business card brochure needed to show a range of kinetic works. Thinking of my paper as a screen or a stage I laid out a simple design onto eighteen small panels that unfold into an informative, a4 size flier.

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MTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure cover, hand held mock up, photorealistic visual

MTC equipment launch brochure

This brochure announces to MTC’s market news of the firm’s rename, rebrand, website and their exciting new Chieftain distributorship by showcasing their broad new range of products in an engaging, 12-page A4 format.

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