Nick Thomson, Eldee T.T., lightweight, Velocette special, side elevation, starboard side, petrol tank, new Eldee Velocette badge, carbon fibre petrol tank and fairing, rider, Bill Swallow, flying swallow mark, publicity photo, photographer, Shaun Waugh, MagentaDot Brands

Eldee-2 Classic racer

Gallery of the equipped & race-ready classic 250 cc Velocette Special.

Bluff Hill, Bluff HIll Climb, Kevin Kinghan, Motupohue, New Zealand, NZ Hill Climb Champs, Rider 222, Suzuki GS1000S 1085

Classic Pre ‘82 class

Day 1 of the 2015 Burt. The Bluff Hillclimb.

Bluff Hill Climb Pre ‘63 class

Day 1 of the 2015 Burt. The Bluff Hill Climb.

Horizontal Directional Drilling, Tru-Line Civil, Akaroa, documentary, photography, Akaroa Water Supply Stage 3, Reticulation Upgrade, Vermeer HDD,

Horizontal drilling: Akaroa

Drilling a pilot bore and back-reaming a 120 m long drinking water supply pipe.

Mingha Bluff 1/5

Methodology for install of a 2.5 m box culvert beneath the Christchurch—Greymouth railway on the Otira riverbed.

Entering the 5m entry pit, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Tru-Line Civil, documentary photography, Parklands West, Christchurch, New Zealand, Gravity Wastewater Replacement, HDD

Horizontal Drilling: Parklands

Horizontal drilling a tricky section of a new sewer main.

Phil Price installing the Tree of Life, Karingal, Melbourne, Australia.

Tree of Life installation

Installing the 10 m tall kinetic sculpture, Karingal, Melbourne, Dec. 2012.

Zephyrometer install

Reinstallation of the wind sculpture to its Wellington home, Apr. 10–11, 2014.

Zephyrometer. Kinetic sculpture by Phil Price.

Zephyrometer wind sculpture

Zephyrometer is a 26 m tall wind activated kinetic sculpture.

Dodo. Kinetic sculpture by Phil Price.

Phil Price Kinetics

Portrait gallery of Phil Price’s outdoor, wind-activated kinetic sculptures.

Title, Opto short film.

Opto short film

Video showcasing the 10 m wind-activate kinetic sculpture “Opto”.

Tree of Life short film title frame

Tree of Life short film

Video showcasing the 12m tall wind-activated kinetic sculpture.