Bob Sterling precision fitting new bespoke aluminium panels on a classic Ferrari restoration in the Panel Shop at Auto Restorations.

Panel shop expert workforce

All bodywork defects are expertly repaired by the team of experts in Auto Restorations’ autobody panel shop. New panels are made up, repair patches are welded in place. Louvres can be made in engine bonnets. With a close eye to the fit and finish of their work perfect alignment and even gaps are achieved to multi-international Concours award winning standard, one of the more challenging aspects of automobile restoration.

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Graeme Climo dimensioning a bespoke aluminium body panel for a classic Delage restoration in the Custom Coachbuilding Shop at Auto Restorations.

Custom Coachbuilders’ portraits

With mastery in wood, steel and aluminium the two coachbuilders, working along with the autobody Panel Shop team of six, construct custom coachwork one-off designs from scratch as well as restoring existing bodies, all achieved using construction techniques appropriate to the age of the chassis.

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Simon Steffens machining a bespoke part in the Auto Engineering Shop at Auto Restorations.

Machine Shop skilled workforce photos

Auto Restorations’ automotive engineering machine shop is well equipped and staffed by seasoned experts. This allows them to make or recondition any mechanical part they need to restore a car, almost without exception.

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Auto Restorations skilled workforce informal portrait of Allan Wylie, managing director, leaning against his 1938 Ford roadster.

White collar staff informal portraits

The restoration of classic vehicles, sometimes worth many millions of U.S. dollars, is a “high touch” process expertly managed by Auto Restorations’ friendly and highly competent administrative staff.

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