Southern DC3, side elevation at take off, Southern DC3 Trust logo, signature Southern Cross livery, designed in 1930s period style, Photo: Martin Eadie,, Brands for New Zealand organisations, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Aircraft Livery gallery

While working in-house at Pionair two opportunities presented themselves to individually design the livery for two aircraft types, the Pionair Australia Convair CV580s and the Southern DC3. The Pionair Australia Convair livery was of two types, their passenger aircraft and fleet of Convair air cargo aircraft.

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Convair CV580 VH-PDV, dynamic air-to-air view, newly refurbished and sporting the new specialised Pionair aircraft ‘fluid’ livery’.

Fluid Pionair livery

As part of the Pionair rebrand in 2006 I designed a new specialized livery and logo standard. This aircraft livery was a first in the history of the firm, a first for me, and a tremendous career highpoint. The brief was for the livery to be variable, the design needed to be able to accept either […]

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