What do you want them to know and why will they believe you?

Bionona limited is a “marketing” company and as such cannot make any science claims on its website. This is a U.S. F.T.C regulation. The way to circumvent this is to establish Decima, the Research & Development company, with its own website, or header page on the Bionona site where Decima can make all the R & D clinical trial results available on a set of science sub-pages.

Decima has begun developing its first new topical skincare product from a proprietary scientific platform, patented in the United States. The granting of patents in the U.S. was entwined with clinical trials of the first product, Myricell. The implication being the product is proven effective clinical trials in the U.S.

Decima aims to develop a range of safe skincare products for everyday use using this development pipeline. Bionona, the marketing company, has rights to the range of products that Decima produces. The first range of products Decima has developed is topical Myricell. Myricell’s market is people who use topical steroids to treat/control skin conditions like eczema/dermatitis and many other skin conditions. Topical steroids are effective anti-inflammatory preparations. They are also called topical cortisone. Like all medications, topical (cortico)steroids are associated with potential adverse side effects, especially if they are used incorrectly.

The topical steroids can be divided up into four groups according to their strength. As a general rule, people use the weakest possible steroid that will do the job. However, occasionally, in the case of chronic flare-ups from say a contact irritant dermatitis, it is appropriate to use a potent preparation for a short time to make sure the skin condition clears completely.

Topical Myricell is a companion product to cortico steroids, derived (or essentialised) from naturally occurring raw materials, that offers mild day-to-day treatment as part of a daily skincare regime. The mechanism by which it works, the how and why it works is described in the Bionona and Myricell Web and brand briefing document. What differentiates MyriCell is that it is based on settled science, and has been proven to work in a U.S. clinical trial.

In the trial we Myricell improved the quality of life of the subjects and clinically improved their symptoms. During flare-ups where potent or very potent treatment is required a customer will still need to revert to steroids.

Clinical trials have shown that up to 90% of daily skincare management can be topical Myricell. For sufferers the use of topical Myricell for daily skincare has the benefit of reducing their hydrocortisone absorption rate and by extension, the overall hydrocortisone that they use per week. The internal and local skin side effects of topical steroid use are too many to mention here, suffice it to say they can be serious and very distressing therefore an effective companion product like topical Myricell will be welcomed by sufferers and their physicians.


Claims allowed based on clinical evidence

Because the clinical trial was designed following careful consideration of the regulations (based on regulatory review by Amin Talati LLC, Chicago) strong claims can be made. Label claims for MyriCell™ based on the first trial:

  • “For the relief of redness and itching associated with eczema and psoriasis”
  • “For the relief of scaling and itching”
  • “For the treatment of acne”

Following the second trial, the following claims for MyriCell™ would be allowed:

  • In the USA… “for the relief of the associated symptoms of eczema”
  • In New Zealand… “clinically shown to reduce the symptoms of eczema”
  • In Australia… “clinically shown to reduce the symptoms of eczema”

The importance of partnership

It is essential to create a sense of partnership between all of the key constituents including the brand stewards within the client organisation and most of all with the brand’s consumers. This is especially important when the goal is to create a powerful Global brand, represented by a highly recognizable name, and icon or symbol that aims to consistently motivate commitment and action from our market. For the purposes of development it is helpful to frame Bionona with a broad brush as a global commercial persuasion brand that aims to consistently motivate the sale of goods in the personal healthcare consumer market and inspire confidence from our business partners in research and product development.

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