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Three thinkers’ thought graphic. Scientist wearing headphones sits with 2 mannequin heads atop his, also wearing headphones.We can help with strategic name development whether for small startups or multi-national corporations, We can develop a list of viable options from which you can choose a cool new company or product name. A new name is really only well named with full brand trademark and domain name audit and clearance. If you are ready to initiate your name development me here.

While many of these company and product names are my own work, certain name origination projects are best served by two thinkers’ thoughts, namely a collaboration between myself and MagentaDot’s copywriter and editor Chrissie Terpstra. Browse the Naming Well® portfolio for a look at how our service has worked well for others, or



AbsoluteProof - Digital Proofing Resolved. A symbol and type Logo, product name positioning statement lock-up. The Absolute-Proof symbol is a donut shaped “O” ring trisected, having rotational symmetry about 120 degrees of rotation. The three segments are filled respectively with Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and the engraved style vector linework is black. The symbol is dynamic, appearing to rotate forward in a clockwise direction, like the digital colour engine it represents. Brands for New Zealand / International companies.MacroStock - the complete livestock management hub logo. MacroStock Livestock Management Software System logo. Macrostock is designed to make recording of livestock data easy and accessible to all farming enterprises. Company renaming and corporate identity design. Renaming New Zealand businesses. Brands for New Zealand / International businesses, Timaru.Zobeley_logo_radiused_256px Top_Drawer_logo_radiused_256px StreetwareNZ_logo_radiused_256px Maruia_logo_radiused_256px Landlord_Support_logo_radiused_256px Runny_Honey_logo_radiused_256px Pomeroys_WildBlue_No_Beer_Too_Far_logo_radiused_256px Beautiful Brides of Hope bridal couture logo, type set within and among icons style logo. WildBlue_Air_Tours_logo_radiused_256px

Full domain name & trademark clearance is best!

For a small to medium sized New Zealand company or product that trades within New Zealand this process is carried out without the need for bringing in third-party consultants to get the job done. However if your goal is to export and protect your brand’s intellectual property and/or patents in international markets like the U.S. then a full Trademark Clearance Process that assesses the availability of your trademark or name, looks for similar marks or names used in connection with the same or related goods or services will need to be contracted to a law firm that specialises in that area of expertise.

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