Spirit of Papua New Guinea launch brochure. Direct mail campaign to Pionair database and agents. One of three tour packages promoted in the Pionair Group Travel direct mail campaign.

Spirit of Papua New Guinea brochure

Pionair logo, rebrandThe Spirit of Papua New Guinea escorted tour launch brochure. One of three “Hidden Gems” brochures forming a 2009 direct mail campaign to Pionair’s past traveller database and affluent travel agents in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Spirit of PNG was one of three tour packages promoted in this 2009 Pionair Group Travel / Escorted Tours direct mail  campaign.

This set of brochures was also a component of the Affluent Travel toolkit of material supplied to Pionair’s leading affluent travel agents in the U.S., and around the world. The agents’ kit also included the “Unparalleled Journeys” affluent travel booklet.

Defining and evolving Pionair’s corporate identity.

Sepik River carved ceremonial mask

Within the realm of Neolithic Art, Papua New Guinea is unparalleled. The basis for this vibrant, organic art form is religious. Carved masks such as this one from the Sepik River region are created to be inhabited by spirits. They are intended both to help the people meet the challenges of everyday life and to ward off the influences of unfriendly spirits. Many of the carved masks and shields are also used in ceremonies and rituals that mark the important stages of life.

One part private air charter firm, owning aircraft, employing pilots and aircrew, the other part an affluent travel firm, inbound travel wholesaler and tourism operator, my job of corporate identity designer, art director and founder of Pionair’s in-house “Propellor Studio” was the best of design jobs.The initiation of the design process for client departments within the firm; air charter, escorted group travel, free inboard travel, the designer-client relationship, project research and analysis, cost estimation, formal presentations were followed up by either in-house colour digital printing and binding, out-sourced offset litho print design and print production, signage, environmental or web design.

The design development phase with in-house clients was collegial, design strategies were expertly discussed and explored, draft design solutions were evaluated by the presentation of preliminary design visuals or comps. By a process of client designer consensus building we developed the rationale for the final selection. Once the rationale was settled for projects I was able to implement the design, artwork and copywriting (as required) with single-minded creative direction. The application and implementation of the identity system was planned and followed coherent guidelines. Custom Word document templates were developed, the house set of typefaces installed on colleague’s computers, a library of digital assets was developed and curated containing images, maps and infographics.

The five years of being in-house creative designer for Pionair was preceded by two years of their brand management; design, art direction, artwork and print production of their marketing collateral in an independent creative studio. Out of this evolved considerable knowledge and experience and as this “Hidden Gems” exposition demonstrates, a Corporate I.D. System of clarity and conciseness that yielded measurable sales and marketing results.

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If you think a well planned corporate identity system design with well developed manuals and guidelines might be a good strategy for your firm contact me here.


Project name: “Hidden Gems” direct mail campaign, A3 Z-fold brochures.
 Brochure design / Digital printing (in-house) / Print production (offset litho) / Promotional design and advertising / Type design
Client (Industry): Pionair Unparalleled Journeys (Travel & tourism)
Format: Booklet / Brochure / Digital Illustration / Direct mail /  Illustration / Map /
Date: 2009


Printer: Croft Print Limited
Design firm:
 Pionair Propellor Studio (in-house)
Copywriter: Rae Wakefield Jones / Tim Scott
Art director / designer / print production: Shaun Waugh
Photographers: Pionair travelers, Papua New Guinea Tourism, Christopher Michael  
Client: Pionair Group Travel / Escorted Tours business group (Tim Scott)
Type Credit: Avant Garde, Avant Garde Condensed

©magentadot brands

Superior Hummer Limousines, A2 Poster art, display, Promotional design and advertising, digital illustration, photography

Hummer Limos poster: arrive in style

Superior Hummer Limousines letter replacement logo in two colours, black and dark grey on white. "Superior" is set in Javelin a joined-up slab serif italic font inspired 50s automobile badging, positioned above and left of Hummer which is set in all-caps. The first "M" in hummer is replaced by a line drawing of the front elevation of the Hummer. Hummer and Limousines words both set all caps in custom modified Antique Olive Nord font, horizontally extended consistent with Hummer branding. "Superior Hummer" are black, Limousines is dark grey, tucked in below Hummer, aligned right. Brands for New Zealand companies, Christchurch New Zealand.The “Wow!” factor of the stretch Hummer limo, the largest of its type in Christchurch, means that the vehicle is a real head-turner, literally its own best advertisment.

When waiting to pick-up or dropping off clients the unique Super-Stretch Black Hummer Limousine garners a lot of attention from passers-by. In addition to handing out the “Welcome aboard” brochure to prospective clients, the brochure artwork is designed to double as a pair of A2 promotional posters or advertisements. These display posters are used at trade shows and wedding shows, as well as mounted back-to-back on a display sandwich board information sign that is carried on board the stretch Hummer. At the chauffeur’s discretion these promotional poster advertisments are placed beside the vehicle. Handing prospective customers a business card and directing them to the signs saves the chauffeur from the ‘Groundhog Day’ experience of having to have the same conversation a dozen times a day with passers by.


Project name: Superior Hummer Limousines promotional poster
Client (Industry):
 Superior Hummer Limousines (Travel & transportation)
Disciplines: Copywriting / Digital Illustration / Photography / Print production / Promotional design and advertising / Typographic design
Format: Poster / Corporate communication / Direct mail
Date: 2010

Riding in style, the brand communications strategy

In 2010, the Superior Hummer Limos black super-stretch Hummer was only the third to enter operation in Christchurch. Two established firms had stretch Hummers in operation for a year or so. SHL’s limo was the first black super-stretch Hummer to enter the Christchurch market. Entering the already well served market presented a unique brand communications challenge and opportunity. The two incumbent operators promotional material rested entirely on the obvious novelty value and “wow!” factor of the vehicle’s exterior, along with their established positions in the limousine hire, wedding car hire and corporate transport operators industry.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

The colours of the Canterbury region, Christchurch City, and The Crusaders rugby team are red and black. Art directing the colour story of the website, and printed matter to be red and black, the decision to photograph the stretch Hummer in picturesque signature Christchurch locations—this creative direction was the product of the marketing communications strategy developed for SHL. Thorough research into the stretch Hummer limo market niche worldwide informed the creation of a coordinated set of original, punchy positioning statements. Combining these ‘headline’ statements with the big, graphical images we shot made for entertaining and informative printed brand collateral, and a strong design alliance between print and web which strongly connects customers with our client and contributed much to the establishment and ongoing success of a great Christchurch brand.


Printer: Art Fetiche Signs
Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Copywriter: Shaun Waugh
Creative director / designer / photographer: Shaun Waugh
Font credits: Antique Olive Nord, Javelin

Phil Price installing the Tree of Life, Karingal, Melbourne, Australia.

Tree of Life wind-activated kinetic sculpture installation, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,

Tree of Life documentary photography (December 10–11, 2012. Cranbourne Road exit, Peninsula Link, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The large scale, wind-activated kinetic sculpture “Tree of Life” is a major, permanent Public Artwork designed and made by Phil Price of Christchurch, New Zealand. The work was commissioned by Peninsula Link[1] and installed in December 2012 at the Cranbourne Road exit site, on the Langwarrin exit ramp. This is one of the exit points for access to the McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park[2].

Tree of Life is one of Peninsula Link’s featured major permanent sculptures and is part of Southern Way’s unique partnership with the McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park in Langwarrin, which was established to manage the selection and installation of sculptures on Peninsula Link. Tree of Life is part of an ongoing project that will alternate sculptures on the Peninsula Link Freeway with the McClelland Gallery collection.

The work measures 10 meters high and is made of composite materials; carbon fibre, fibreglass, kevlar high temperature epoxy, along with custom, one-of-a-kind precision bearings and various kinds of steel. The large tree like form is a wind-activated kinetic sculpture that makes an obvious reference to the eucalypt—an Australian icon as such Tree of Life functions as a landmark for the natural beauty of the Mornington peninsula.

Tree of Life documentary photography

This ‘Art at Work’ project forms part of an 8 year ongoing collaboration between myself and Phil (Phil Price Kinetics and MagentaDot Brands)—a work in progress that aims to progressively document both Phil’s completed works and methodologies. Heroic photos of completed work have been shot and select, significant episodes of work process events such as this one have been journaled. This slideshow aims to visually chronicle two days work in Karingal, Melbourne of Phil, his highly skilled employees and sub-contractors—art at work.

[1] Peninsula Link: A Public Private Partnership between; Linking Melbourne Authority (Victoria State Government) / Southern Way.https://www.peninsulalink.com.au/Page…

[2[ McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park:http://www.mcclellandgallery.com/


Project name: Tree of Life installation documentary photography
Client (Industry):
 Phil Price Sculpture / PKP Kinetics (Fine arts)
Disciplines:  Photography / Video
Format: Slideshow / short film
Date: 2012

Nb. On the work safety side, it is important to point out that I comply with all Occupational Safety and Health guidelines on site and hold a current Trans-Tasman ‘Workplace Health and Safety’ card.

Zephyrometer wind sculpture reinstallation

Zephyrometer wind activated kinetic sculpture re-install 2014

After 11 years in action the completely refurbished Zephyrometer is re-installed (April 10–11, 2014, Evans Bay, Wellington, New Zealand)

Zephyrometer_Phil_Price_Kinetics_9829Wellington is located at the southern tip of Aotearoa / New Zealand’s North Island / Te Ika-a-Māui and sits plum in the middle of the Roaring 40s, in addition the geography of narrow Cook Strait separating North & South islands funnels the strong westerly winds increasing their velocity and gustiness—which is why Wellington is known to Kiwis as “Windy Wellington”. Zephyrometer is situated in one of the capital’s windier spots en-route to the airport which means it has been enjoyed by millions since 2003, and sees it regarded with some affection and pride by many Wellingtonians. My involvement with the Zephyrometer project began in 2002 when I was commissioned by Phil to illustrate a mock-up of the work and layout his successful submission to the Meridian competition.

How it works

Zeph’ is a civic sculpture made by Christchurch artist Phil Price and was installed in 2003. It is a wind-and-gravity-activated kinetic sculpture consisting of a 3250 kg ‘balanced’ lead counterweight housed in a durable composite shell fixed to a gimbal at the base of a 26m tall needle. The gimbal consists of a pair of pivots that swivel at right angles at the base of the needle, the yoke pivot is akin to an ‘axle’ allowing rolling rotation of the 26m tall needle from 90° vertical down through to 0°/ horizontal. The yoke is in turn attached to a spindle or hub that allows the it to pitch perpendicular to the rolling motion of the 26m needle.

The overall effect is that the wind causes the tall needle to swing, to ‘meter’ both wind direction and speed. But the invisible and often overlooked force that is constantly at work on the needle’s action, at the same time, is gravity, which imparts a pendulum action to the needle. Because of the gimbal gravity is always opposing the needle’s pitching and rolling movements, much like the action of a yacht’s keel on its mast. So gravity and the flex in the Spar Mast dampens down the effect of all sudden, violent shifts in wind speed and direction thereby protecting the moving parts from tremendously destructive shear forces. Gravity constantly acts on the 3250 kg counterweight making the needle relentlessly seek the rest position where the needle is perpendicular to the ground with the counterweight’s centre of gravity hanging directly beneath.

Zephyrometer’s action in the wind is a composite of pendulum and wind vane. The clever tapered spar design means the action of the needle is self feathering, the nearer to horizontal it approaches the less windage the needle presents while at the same time the leverage exerted by the counterweight constantly opposes both pitch & roll. These clever design features have enabled Zephyrometer to ‘ride out’ the worst roaring Wellington westerlies and southerlies for over a decade.

The needle itself consists of a laminated Oregon Spar Mast skilfully sculpted by the artist to the tapered needle point over its 26m length. This spar is a single unit encased in a composite shell finished with durable automotive 2-pot lacquer. The composites used include carbon fibre, fibre-glass and kevlar. Steel, Kevlar and fibreglass are used in areas where very high strength is required such as in the housing for the steel pivot stub axles and one-of-a-kind custom-made bearings where the counterbalance weight connects to the yoke. Carbon fibre is used as much as practicable throughout the needle housing because the lighter the entire sculpture is, the more responsive it is to the wind, and the closer to a wind dance Zephyrometer’s action.

Complete refurbishment and reinstallation documentary photography

This ‘Art at Work’ project forms part of an 8 year ongoing collaboration between myself and Phil (Phil Price Kinetics and MagentaDot Brands)—a work in progress that aims to progressively document both Phil’s completed works and methodologies. Heroic photos of completed work have been shot and select, significant episodes of work process events such as this one have been journaled. This slideshow aims to visually chronicle two days work in Evans Bay, of Phil, his highly skilled employees and sub-contractors—art at work.

Zephyrometer_Lightning_Strike_frame-03Lightning strike

Sadly, on 14 August 2014 at approximately 2:30pm, Zephyrometer was struck by lightning during an awesome southerly change that slammed into Wellington, the strike was full on and devastating, leaving the tip of the needle blasted and frayed[1]. Fortunately no one was hurt. A spokesman for Wellington City Council confirmed that the “needle” is “completely stuffed”. [2] This slideshow carousel infographic depicts the instant of the strike.[3]

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Project name: Zephyrometer installation chronicle
Client (Industry): Phil Price Sculpture / PKP Kinetics (Fine arts)
Discipline: Photography
Format: Slide show
Date: 2014
Nb. On the work safety side, it is important to point out that I comply with all Occupational Safety and Health guidelines on site and hold a current Trans-Tasman ‘Workplace Health and Safety’ card.


1. Zephyrometer (Wikipedia)
2. “Sculpture struck by lightning”. —Dominion Post. 14 Aug 2014
3. Lightning strikes Wellington Zephyrometer!Solomon Emett YouTube. 12 Aug 2014

Eldee TT launch posters campaign

VRNZ_logo_radiused_256pxTo commemorate both the launch of the Eldee-TT in July 2014, and the massive achievement represented by the Velocette Racing New Zealand team getting the classic Eldee Velocette rebuilt, equipped and race-ready in time for shipping to the Isle of Man I flew to Wellington to shoot a set of heroic publicity photos of the bike—and to provide hands-on assistance applying the decals I had designed, race numbers, rider’s signature, sponsors logos etc., onto the new carbon-fibre racing fairing and seat.

Isle of Man, running man, triad, logoIn addition to publicity, I made the photos immediately useful for the campaign as merchandise, working up two images into a five poster advertising and promotionalcampaign (to add to the ‘TT T-shirt’ merchandise already selling well). The bike itself is classed as an ‘Exotic’, it is a pre-war British bike returning to the U.K. on a campaign launched from downunder in ‘The Colonies’ (the campaign had already been wryly dubbed the ‘Kiwi Invasion’ in a recent ClassicRacer magazine) and the VRNZ rider Bill Swallow is famous in motorcycle racing circles. Therefore, with Bill’s signature on the posters they can be a sold as a premium momento of the IOM Classic TT.

The client had briefed that some form of printed piece would be required for the Isle of Man event, for the classic racing audience a succinct infographic with attractive ‘race-ready’ images and specifications of the machine was the priority—and crediting the Eldee I.O.M. campaign’s sponsors.

Thorough research via books and the web revealed a solid creative direction to be found in Velocé’s mid 20th Century British advertising and marketing materials for their Velocette motorcycles. (NB There’s a brief show and tell about the fruits of that research here.) Enjoy the portfolio…


Project name: Eldee TT commemorative launch poster campaign
Client (Industry): Velocette Racing New Zealand (Media, entertainment & sports/Classic motorcycle racing/Motorsport)
Disciplines: Copywriting / Digital Illustration / Photography / Print production / Promotional design and advertising
Format: Poster
Date: 2014


Printer: PaperPlus New Brighton
Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Copywriter: Shaun Waugh
Art direction / design / photography: Shaun Waugh
Font credits: Handlettering, Franklin Gothic family


MagentaDot Brands is a major sponsor of this campaign and this well written article gives the full noise on the Eldee Velocette 2014 campaign. This post features the recent Bike Racer New Zealand magazine ‘Classic race bike’ article on the campaign to return the Colonial, ‘Lightweight Special’ Velocette to the U.K. to race in the Isle of Man Classic TT Junior race on August 25th. This excellent article was penned by the mag’s ‘Classics man’ Chris Swallow, son of our rider, multiple Manx Grand Prix race winner Bill Swallow…