Cashel Street, Pop-up Mall, night photography, post earthquake, illuminated at night by WindsorUrban luminaires and lighting poles. Photo shot for WindsorUrban website redesign and rebrand project.


Craft means you care and you know about what you are doing

With any visual communications project first and foremost it is essential to represent your identity or brand with professional imagery. MagentaDot Brands makes every effort to work with our clients so that the standard of their imagery and visual art design is to a high-quality professional standard. In addition to the photography services below;

  • Event/location photography
  • Portraits
  • Product shoots
  • Group Photos
  • Action photos

MagentaDot offers documentary and event photography as well as capturing photos that are optimised for use online or in print. Our high-resolution DSLR camera equipment allows for images to be printed in formats as large as a billboard while retaining the sharp detail and image quality. When the requirements of a photography brief are outside the range of my capabilities or photography equipment I commission photography from preferred specialist providers.

Graphic design craft

Client design and branding projects often involve the typographic styling and layout of supplied text combined with imagery. This imagery is;

  • supplied by the client , or
  • stock imagery may be utilized,
  • custom photography is shot by MagentaDot graphic designer, or
  • a photographer is commissioned to shoot original works

Because I do all the production artwork for client projects, I ensure that before graphic elements such as photos are applied to any design project, quality visual arts design and graphic design principles are applied to all imagery.

Photography workflow

I am proficient in the industry standard Adobe Creative Suite software used for graphic design and desktop publishing. For photography I use a Lightroom and Photoshop workflow to develop and post-process all imagery to the highest graphical standards.

The visual arts design applied to a graphic design project will often entail some digital compositing, such as cutting product images away from their backgrounds or using the image editing tools in Photoshop to digitally assemble multiple images to make a final composite.

Photography portfolio pages

Eldee Velocette, front three-quarter, poster, A2, portrait, CraftsmanshipFully equipped and race-ready Eldee TT Velocette Classic racing motorcycle

Velocette Racing New Zealand organisation logo. Classic racing motorcycle enthusiasts organisation brand. ‘Coca-Cola’ style sloped and looped copperplate lettering in metallic gold on a black background, consistent with the historic livery of Velocette motorcycles. Brands for New Zealand / International organisations.Publicity/launch photos presented in a slideshow documenting the transformation from the 1950s Eldee-2 to 2014 Eldee-T.T. carbon fibre racing machine representing New Zealand at the Isle of Man Classic TT, 2014.

Horizontal Directional Drilling, Tru-Line Civil, Akaroa, documentary, photography, Akaroa Water Supply Stage 3, Reticulation Upgrade, Vermeer HDD,Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) Akaroa

Tru-Line Civil Logo. Brands for New Zealand companies, Greymouth, New Zealand.Documentary photography chronicling HDD installation method for new drinking , Tru-Line Civil. The slideshow documents the drilling of a pilot bore and the subsequent back reaming of a 120m long drinking water supply pipeline up to the summit of Coachmans Road, Akaroa

The 125mm pilot drill bit and HDD unit. Horizontal Directional Drilling, Tru-Line Civil, documentary photography, Parklands West, Christchurch, New Zealand, Gravity Wastewater Replacement, HDD.HDD Parklands West

Tru-Line Civil Logo. Brands for New Zealand companies, Greymouth, New Zealand.Continuing the ongoing project to photograph TruLine Civil’s range of work methodologies and then follow through by writing them up as Case Studies on their website.

Gallery mock-up of shots from the Kinetics portfolio.Phil Price Kinetics (PKP) gallery

This portfolio represents a selection of “personal best” images from an 8-year ongoing collaboration between myself and Phil Price (Phil Price Sculpture and MagentaDot Brands).

Planting_Tree_of_Life__Phil_Price_Kinetics-2682Phil Price Kinetics “Tree of Life” installation, Melbourne

The large scale, wind-activated kinetic sculpture “Tree of Life” is a major, permanent Public Artwork designed and made by Phil Price of Christchurch, New Zealand. This portfolio chronicles two days work in Karingal, Melbourne by Phil, his highly skilled employees and sub-contractors installing this major work in Melbourne, Australia, December 2012.

Zephyrometer_Phil_Price_Kinetics-0897Phil Price Kinetics Zephyrometer gallery

Zeph’ is a civic sculpture made by Christchurch artist Phil Price and was installed in 2003. It is a wind-and-gravity-activated kinetic sculpture consisting of a 3250 kg ‘balanced’ lead counterweight housed in a durable composite shell fixed to a gimbal at the base of a 26m tall needle.

Zephyrometer_reinstall_Titan_crane-0411Phil Price Kinetics Zephyrometer re-installation

April 10–11, 2014—After 11 years in action Zephyrometer was removed, fully refurbished and then re-installed in Evans Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

Superior Hummer Limousines, A2 Poster art, display, Promotional design and advertising, digital illustration, photography

Hummer Limos poster: arrive in style

Superior Hummer Limousines letter replacement logo in two colours, black and dark grey on white. "Superior" is set in Javelin a joined-up slab serif italic font inspired 50s automobile badging, positioned above and left of Hummer which is set in all-caps. The first "M" in hummer is replaced by a line drawing of the front elevation of the Hummer. Hummer and Limousines words both set all caps in custom modified Antique Olive Nord font, horizontally extended consistent with Hummer branding. "Superior Hummer" are black, Limousines is dark grey, tucked in below Hummer, aligned right. Brands for New Zealand companies, Christchurch New Zealand.The “Wow!” factor of the stretch Hummer limo, the largest of its type in Christchurch, means that the vehicle is a real head-turner, literally its own best advertisment.

When waiting to pick-up or dropping off clients the unique Super-Stretch Black Hummer Limousine garners a lot of attention from passers-by. In addition to handing out the “Welcome aboard” brochure to prospective clients, the brochure artwork is designed to double as a pair of A2 promotional posters or advertisements. These display posters are used at trade shows and wedding shows, as well as mounted back-to-back on a display sandwich board information sign that is carried on board the stretch Hummer. At the chauffeur’s discretion these promotional poster advertisments are placed beside the vehicle. Handing prospective customers a business card and directing them to the signs saves the chauffeur from the ‘Groundhog Day’ experience of having to have the same conversation a dozen times a day with passers by.


Project name: Superior Hummer Limousines promotional poster
Client (Industry):
 Superior Hummer Limousines (Travel & transportation)
Disciplines: Copywriting / Digital Illustration / Photography / Print production / Promotional design and advertising / Typographic design
Format: Poster / Corporate communication / Direct mail
Date: 2010

Riding in style, the brand communications strategy

In 2010, the Superior Hummer Limos black super-stretch Hummer was only the third to enter operation in Christchurch. Two established firms had stretch Hummers in operation for a year or so. SHL’s limo was the first black super-stretch Hummer to enter the Christchurch market. Entering the already well served market presented a unique brand communications challenge and opportunity. The two incumbent operators promotional material rested entirely on the obvious novelty value and “wow!” factor of the vehicle’s exterior, along with their established positions in the limousine hire, wedding car hire and corporate transport operators industry.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

The colours of the Canterbury region, Christchurch City, and The Crusaders rugby team are red and black. Art directing the colour story of the website, and printed matter to be red and black, the decision to photograph the stretch Hummer in picturesque signature Christchurch locations—this creative direction was the product of the marketing communications strategy developed for SHL. Thorough research into the stretch Hummer limo market niche worldwide informed the creation of a coordinated set of original, punchy positioning statements. Combining these ‘headline’ statements with the big, graphical images we shot made for entertaining and informative printed brand collateral, and a strong design alliance between print and web which strongly connects customers with our client and contributed much to the establishment and ongoing success of a great Christchurch brand.


Printer: Art Fetiche Signs
Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Copywriter: Shaun Waugh
Creative director / designer / photographer: Shaun Waugh
Font credits: Antique Olive Nord, Javelin

Jewelled gecko: Crafty low-tech screenprint

Documentary photos of our ‘Surface Active Art-to-Wear’ auto design and printmaking work method shot in 1995

Mail_order_catalogue_1991Surface Active was an auto-printmaking, craft and design business established in 1986 by Chrissie Terpstra and Shaun Waugh. Our continuing aim as Surface Active was to celebrate wonderful, natural New Zealand—the featured creatures in our range are unique and beautiful and we try to convey something of their preciousness with our art & craft.

How did we do it? Hours spent at the drawing board, artfully rendering each separate colour to give vibrancy and detail (Shaun). Crafty low-tech, hand-pulled screenprinting techniques allowed us to create finely detailed designs, brought to life on the garment (Chrissie)—wild art to wear.

Jewelled_Gecko_mail_order_catalogue_14It was a great job and we got to do it!

We used quality, pure cotton garments, locally manufactured in Canterbury. Ours was a 100% kiwi-made product and, given the right treatment, lasted for years.

The letter below, written by Chrissie best introduces this portfolio that chronicles one of the more complex Surface Active wildlife art designs from the drawing board to screenprinted garment.

December 1991
Dear Surface Dweller,

what began 6 years ago as a printing hobby on the kitchen table has now expanded to encompass the lounge, spare bedroom, laundry, garage and the whole of the back shed.

We are committed to producing original & indigenous designs of the highest design and printing standards, providing a more interesting and beautiful product than your average tee—wearable art that celebrates the unique assets of New Zealand.

Using our Flat Earth, Low Tech printing hardware, we have painstakingly perfected our craft, printing 6 colour blends and finely detailed designs like no other can (or will). They take a bit longer to produce but the results are worth it. We are proud to be using high quality locally manufactured garments.

The overwhelming encouragement we receive from our customers tells us that we must be doing it right.

Year-round you can find Surface Active at the the Christchurch Arts Centre Market (open Sat. & Sun.), we wholesale to selected shops from North Cape to Bluff and now in our Glorious Technicolour Mail Order Catalogue, we present you the fruits of our labour.

Actively Yours,
Shaun Waugh (Boss)
Chrissie Terpstra (Bossier)

This portfolio is a work in progress, please visit again…


Documentary Photos: Thanks to a young woman, student of Fine Arts at Ilam, University of Canterbury
Crafty screenprinters: Deborah McDonald, Chrissie Terpstra
Gecko Illustration reference photos: Rod Morris

Building exterior design + signage

Projects featured in portfolio

  • Tru Line Civil signage system 2014
  • Pomeroys Pub exterior paint scheme, 2004.
  • Winniebagoes House (Old Winniebagoes, demolished 2011) feature signage and building directory, 2003.
  • Winniebagoes restaurant, street-side front window branding on window.
  • Wigram Airforce Tower exterior paint scheme, 2006.
  • Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation one-of-a-kind 3D sign, two-sided exterior street sign, 2009.
  • Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation multi-level cast bronze building plaque, 2009.

Project credits

Tru-Line Civil

Client: Tru-Line Civil
Art direction, design: Shaun Waugh
Sign production oversight: Shaun Waugh
Signwriter: Art Fetiche


Client: Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn
Creative direction: Victoria Pomeroy / Shaun Waugh
Art direction, design, (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Illustrator, Decoration production oversight: Shaun Waugh
Exterior painter, signwriter: Client organised (to be advised)

Winniebagoes House (Old Winniebagoes, demolished 2011)

Client: Winniebagoes House, Winniebagoes
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Signwriter: Sign Advertising

Winniebagoes restaurant

Client: Winniebagoes
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Signwriter: Sign Advertising (Glen Lilley)

Wigram Airforce Tower (pro bono)

Client: Ngai Tahu Properties
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (Pionair Propellor Studio)

Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation

Client: Pomeroys
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (Pionair Propellor Studio)
Signwriter: Art Fétiche (Brent Brownlee)