Hydraulic evacuation short film

The two minute hydro-excavation methodology video

In support of the Trenchless Technologies print documents and the Case Studies section of the TruLine Civil website I was also commissioned to shoot and edit a two minute video clip of the resources and methods used for Hydo-Excavation in Christchurch city when installing the ultra-fast fibre network to businesses downtown.


Shooting: MagentaDot Brands
Director / editor: Thomas Rands

©magentadot brands

Tree of Life short film title frame

Phil Price Sculpture Tree of Life kinetic short

Scupture short film: Tree of Life | Phil Price

The large scale, wind-activated kinetic sculpture “Tree of Life” is a major, permanent Public Artwork by Phil Price of Christchurch, New Zealand. Commissioned by Peninsula Link* and installed in December 2012 at the Cranbourne Road exit site, in the suburb of Frankston, located in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. The Cranbourne Road site on the Langwarrin exit ramp is one of the exit points for access to the McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park**.

Tree of Life is one of Peninsula Link’s featured major permanent sculptures and is part of Southern Way’s unique partnership with the McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park in Langwarrin, which was established to manage the selection and installation of sculptures on Peninsula Link. Tree of Life is part of an ongoing project that will alternate sculptures on the Peninsula Link Freeway. Every two years until 2037 one new sculpture will be commissioned to alternate between the sites at Skye Road and Cranbourne Road. This will results in 14 new commissioned works spread over the 25 years until 2037. Tree of Life will be relocated to McClelland Gallery in April 2015 and will form part of McClelland’s permanent collection.

Measuring 10 metres high and made of carbon fibre, glass fibre, high temperature epoxy, precision bearings and stainless steel. Located at Cranbourne Road, the large tree like form is a wind-activated kinetic sculpture recognizable with obvious reference to the eucalypt —an Australian icon and will function as a landmark for the natural beauty of the peninsula.
—PeninsulaLink Media release

The music; Mozart’s sublime Piano Concerto in D Minor, K 466 2nd Movement – Romanza.

*Peninsula Link: A Public Private Partnership between; Linking Melbourne Authority (Victoria State Government) / Southern Way.https://www.peninsulalink.com.au/Page…

**McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park:http://www.mcclellandgallery.com/


Shooting: Phil Price / Shaun Waugh
Co-director / co-designer / Editor: Thomas Rands
Font credits: Caecilia

©magentadot brands

Title, Opto short film.

Phil Price Sculpture Opto kinetic short

Wind scupture short film: Opto | Phil Price. 

Published: Apr 27, 2014

The 10 m kinetic sculpture “Opto” is by Phil Price of Christchurch, New Zealand. Commissioned by the Moreton Bay Regional Council and installed in 2011 at Redcliffe, QLD, Australia.

“As the title suggests, this sculpture is about looking. It is a focal point, while looking at the sculpture you can’t help but see through to the environment beyond. The giant pair of round frames are placed where the land meets the sea and move in response to how the wind is blowing. Opto serves as a celebration of this beautiful place: past present and future.”—Phil Price

Opto’s movement is entirely wind powered. It was made of high temperature epoxy, carbon fiber, precision bearings, and stainless steel in the Phil Price Sculpture workshop in Christchurch New Zealand.


The music; Mozart’s delightful violin sonata in E minor.

The video is made for Phil Price by Thomas Rands and Shaun Waugh (a collaboration otherwise known as Sparkling Duet).


Project name: Opto Short film
Client (Industry): Phil Price Sculpture / PKP Kinetics (Fine arts)
Disciplines:  Art direction (collaborative) / Editing / Photography / Promotional design and advertising / Videography / Video editing / Video production
Format: Short film
Date: 2014


Shooting: Shaun Waugh / Phil Price
Editor: Thomas Rands
Design firm: MagentaDot Brands / Sparkling Duet
Art director / designers: Thomas Rands / Shaun Waugh
Font credits: Caecilia