Container Waste

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Container Waste is a very successful independently owned residential and commercial waste management company based in Amberley, North Canterbury. The firm is an expert in carting waste to landfills in a range of bins and containers that they deliver to clients’ sites. As part of the rebrand Identity Signs approached me to design a responsive website that communicated Container Waste’s all-in-one fast service with the least effort from the site user.

Container Waste owner Darryn Harris observed that their legacy website urgently needed to be redesigned as a responsive site. In response to intense competition in the sector as a consequence of the post-quake rebuild it became of utmost importance for their customers that the new site make the process of Skip hire very easy online, especially from a mobile phone. In other words the redesigned website had to result in a measurable increase in residential and commercial Skip hire as well as consolidate and grow their commercial waste management market share.

In a collaboration between Paul Walters of Identity Signs, Michael Marneros of NuWeb and myself the mechanics of a “Hire a Skip” web-app was developed which I designed the user interface for.

I put a lot of research and reflection into writing the copy for the site and developing the series of Marketing Communications adverts in the page head slider. The site photos were shot by Paul Walters, while I took care of the colour correction, image editing and the clear-cut photo composites that are key to the site’s uncluttered, clean look and feel.

The project was completed by my populating the redesigned website. The new responsive site has effectively improved the quality and quantity of their interactions with their clients. If you think a responsive website redesign might be a good strategy for your firm contact me here.



Client: Identity Signs
Stakeholder: Container Waste
Category: Waste management
Rebrand: Identity Signs
Web Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Back-end support: NuWeb
Site build:
 Shaun Waugh
Disciplines: Copywriting, Illustration, User experience design, Web design, Web content management

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Phil Price Sculpture

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Phil Price is a very successful New Zealand sculptor based in Melbourne and Christchurch who has achieved international renown for his mesmerising wind-activated kinetic works.

Phil approached me to design a dynamic brand identity and catalogue website to his exacting creative brief. The branding brief was for a Personal or individual brand, built around Phil personally, as a fine artist and sculptor. To that end his primary url was renamed from to It was also mandated that all forms of commercial branding that had been developed in the past would be absent from the redesigned catalogue website and career biography project.

As a fine artist Phil must walk a tightrope in the manner he portrays and markets himself via the media because the business side of the art world, loyal patrons, art galleries, dealers and the like must be inscrutable, mysterious.

So it is arguable whether this is a form of brand because while it aims to add value to Phil’s oeuvre it lacks a business model to commercialise the strategy.

Yet it makes perfect sense in context because the fine art world holds it to be a truism that great branding does not make a great artist. So while there are some great artists with great branding, the enigma of a catalogue website of Phil’s work in its opacity is a statement and an expression of confidence. The website is a work of art for arts sake.

As the rebranding and repositioning project was web based, as per the site name and the sculptural work’s provenance, upholding the perceptions and reputations of Phil Price the artist and his works is the great accomplishment of the site. An attractive and useful showcase for his kinetic oeuvre was the goal.

As part of the UX development I created a set of small custom symbols to give clarity to the different categories of information attached to each sculptural work. Much care and attention was devoted to optimising the site’s presentation on mobile devices. If you think a responsive website redesign might be a good strategy for your firm contact me here.



Client: Phil Price Sculpture
Category: Fine arts
Website rename and rebrand: Phil Price
Photography: Shaun Waugh, Phil Price Archive
Web Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Template customisation: Webbymonks
Back-end support: NuWeb
Site build:
 Shaun Waugh, MagentaDot Brands.
Disciplines: Photography, User experience design, Web design, Bespoke WordPress Template build, Videography, Web content management

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Terranova tiling website Laptop mockup of a cascade of 5 pages with the Homepage at the top of the stack.

Terranova tiling

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Terranova Tiling is a Christchurch firm comprised of a small team of master craftsman tilers headed up by Camillo Schulz. Terranova impress with the fact they have gained more than their fair share of prestigious awards for their artisan tiling over the last decade.

The logo design was inspired by my being impressed with the way that the meticulous precision of professional tiling showcases the geometry and art of architectural interiors. This lead to giving myself the design constraint that a craftsman tiler’s logo must actually be able to be constructed of tiles, in real life.

The Terranova Tiling website represents an established firm of tile installation craftsmen headed by master tiler Camillo Schulz. Terranova’s work is impressive and has been consistently recognised as second-to-none in various building and interior awards since 2006.

Camillo was trained and worked in Germany for ten years before emigrating to New Zealand in 2001 when I met him. I designed the Terranova logo and a business card for Camillo when he launched the firm in 2003 and designed their brand new website (along with back-end assistance from NuWeb) in 2015. During the briefing of the website Camillo paid me the compliment that the Terranova logo design was perfect as it was, and that feedback from his customers and business associates assured him that Terranova tiling’s branding remained as fresh today as it ever was.

The attractive Terranova Tiling logo and business card. Illustrations send a powerful message. Using artwork to stir a specific feeling—in this case quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. A minimal but well crafted page layout is more professional than a flashy design poorly built.

The attractive Terranova Tiling logo and business card. Illustrations send a powerful message. Using artwork to stir a specific feeling—in this case quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. A minimal but well crafted page layout is more professional than a flashy design poorly built.

Part of the reasoning behind the web design was to encourage the client to set about obtaining high quality originals of the imagery of his work that had appeared in various architectural, building, and interiors magazines and that had been shot in the course of being entered into bathroom and building awards by his clients, dating back to 2007. Terranova’s faultlessly accurate tiling craft showcases the geometry and art of architectural and interior designTerranova’s work has been recognised by his industry peers for many years as award winning so it made sense for the web design to be centred on quality imagery of the work. It was reasoned that this would appeal to their discerning ultimate clientele of homeowners, many of them affluent, and to the architects and interior designers who in pursuit of the best architecture design projects centre on stylish interiors.

The flex imagery of the full-screen slider of their best work on the homepage creates a strong and memorable first impression centred on the utmost quality of Terranova’s work. The purely visual landing page was a conscious strategy to first show, not tell. The Projects page tiled Mosaic unfolds an elegantly staged, lean presentation of the client’s work. It is also designed for best optical appeal with its pared-back aesthetic and pragmatic descriptions and credits. The overall result is a minimalist design feel that is plain speaking, direct, and showcases their work functionally and beautifully.

The Journal/blog provides the objective documentary evidence to back Terranova’s claims of expertise and and industry benchmark standards of finish (whilst serving the need to update the site content regularly in order for it to continue to rank consistently well in the search engines).

A significant amount of research and image processing love went into this web design project as well as thorough domestic and international research into appropriate keywords and phrases to ensure the site is search engine optimised. I’m looking forward to updating the site again shortly with Terranova’s 2016 crop of Master Builders’ plus Kitchen and Bathroom awards.

The website is responsive and I took great care with the design to ensure that it will age well as Terranova commissions me to add more and more great news items to the Journal awards showcase, and fantastic award winning projects to the Projects mosaic.


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Eurowood website showcase mockup displaying 3 different site page templates, the homepage, a product catalogue item page and the current projects news / blog page.


So often startup businesses suffer from having a cheap-looking template website which fails to capture the personality of the firm’s products, services and culture.

Along with Identity Signs, who designed the logo, I spent time getting to know the Product System, Product Range and the histories of Eurowood’s European business partners. This helped me design for them the Eurowood website which serves as a precise extension of their engineered timber business itself. The aim was to strip away clutter and present a clean and extremely accessible website that serves the solid timber log home, log cabin and laminated timber structure markets. Eurowood’s engineered timber product range and state of the art construction methods are of an extremely high quality and this is reflected in the website design. The Eurowood team are constantly creating great content as they grow their new business from scratch and the WordPress content managed website is designed to help the client bring that content to the fore with ease. Staff are quickly able to post news and project updates, refresh the content of the homepage promotional slideshow no matter which device they use and the intuitive navigation enables visitors to quickly find the information that they most care about.


The Arcadian colour palette brings the website a soothing colour sense.

The clean design of the site is nicely complemented by the Arcadian colour palette, the hues of trees, wood, water and sky brings a soothing sense with a clean scandinavian modern appeal to the design. The website is a responsive website design which provides an optimal user viewing experience—an ease of site reading and navigation with the minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices so a fantastic user experience is guaranteed no matter which device you use. For more information and full project Credits visit the blog post here.

Eurowood website showcase mockup displaying 3 different site page templates, the homepage, a product catalogue item page and the current projects news / blog page.

Euro-Wood Ford pickup branded vehicle wrap. Front threequarter view.Euro-Wood_bus_card_front_mock-up

Euro-Wood_bus_card_back_mock-upEuro-Wood Ford pickup branded vehicle wrap. Side elevation.


Showcase of MTC Equipment online catalogue website. The three pages portrayed are the homepage, a catalogue overview page and the Ejector Trailer catalogue item page. The three key elements to the responsive online catalogue’s ease of use.

MTC Equipment

I was commissioned by MTC Equipment in January 2015 to design and art direct their rename and rebrand project. This included designing their new business logo and identity system, designing and populating their new online catalogue website , and creating a distinctive brand launch and product brochure.

It was a great opportunity to work with an established family company, formerly Murray Tractor Company, to implement a rename, rebrand, and repositioning their new business as import agents of Chieftain Trailers of Ireland in the New Zealand, and Australasian regional  markets.

The new brand identity

The “M” monogram along with the company name forms a cohesive signature. The colour scheme of the logo, the corporate look of symbol and text block matched the brief to implement an evolutionary improvement upon the successful attributes of the legacy Murray Tractors’ logo, not replace it. More on the identity system below.

MTC equipment | New branding, web design

MTC equipment | New branding, web design

The online catalogue website is instrumental to brand launch and success going forward

Their online catalogue website is instrumental to the success of MTC Equipment selling their range of Chieftain transport trailers, other product lines, plus spare parts and after sales service.

But there is more to an impressive online catalogue than a collection of colourful pages. An effective online catalogue is a 24-hours-a-day selling machine to the domestic, Australasian and global markets. It is a website that is as effective as their leading salesperson, as knowledgeable as their top buyer and as organised as their best office administrator. The website captures online everything that is good about MTC Equipment’s business.

Built to order, MTC’s trailer designs offer a complex of optional extras and custom design parameters—all of which needed to be made easily accessible and easily understood.

From a web designer’s perspective, this requires an extensive graphic design and programming background. My experience and creativity in collaboration with that of the team at Dynamic Multimedia/DMM, built an effective catalogue website under my Art Direction and hands-on production effort to get to the final result.

MTC Equipment website homepage mock up

The overview of product category pages is well laid out, and user scan time is significantly reduced by offering  both visual icon and list of contents views of product categories side-by-side.

A user friendly online catalogue “Chunks” information when users are required to recall information

At the individual product “item” page level, by “chunking” complex information the catalogue item pages are simplified. So when problem solving by comparing one product with another users are best able to recall and retain information they need. This is required to attract customers and visitors.


User scan time is significantly reduced by offering both visual and textual list of contents views of product categories side-by-side.

The ordering process is well-integrated with the product detail pages making the shopping and ordering process easier. This ease of use requires careful planning and advanced web design, but it is essential to retain site visitors and encourage them to return. If you are ready to start on a catalogue web design project contact me here.


MTC Equipment Quotation / Sales Agreement form, printed full colour both front and back.

Designed on a grid, MTCs business stationery system says ‘corporate’, including this uncluttered, clean and impressive form. The system works on simple principles that are easily manipulated. The logo or “mark” is at its core, and a separate block of text and illustrated, gritty truck tyre tread developed from the logo. Combined they attractively deliver the appropriate thematic connotations of the heavy transport trailer and farm equipment “workhorse” product range.

Versatile MTC symbo

The MTC “M” Monogram was designed stand alone and for as the key repeating element of a graphical truck tyre tread pattern. This versatile illustrative brand asset stands strong when rendered with a gritty industrial look, true to the rugged, hard working character of MTC’s products and their markets.

A set of stationery items and forms was followed through with a 12 page printed launch catalogue, and a print advertising campaign placed in various trade publications.Hand-held MTC Equipment business card front. Full colour front full colour back.
Handheld MTC Equipment business card back. Full colour front, full colour back.

MTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure cover, hand held mock up, photorealistic visual

MTC Equipment is able to make a mark in the Agricultural, Industrial and Road Transport industries by creating a launch announcement and product brochure that stands out from the norm.


MTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure back cover, photorealistic visualMTC equipment 2016 A4 brochure back cover, photorealistic visual

The back cover design is a break from the run of document. It features a festive display of spares and a half page horizontal advertisiment launching a new “High Tensile” semi-trailer type. The launch ad in the MTC Equipment rebrand campaign.

MTC presentation folder for holding loose sales documents and papers together to organize and protect them. Printed in full colour on both sides of heavy card stock, matt laminated and spot overglossed, folded in half with pockets. Used as a tool for business presentations to customers to aid in the sales process.

The cover graphic is a dynamic composition of the tyre tread pattern made from the MTC Monogram, the interior road photo is one that I shot near Porters Heights on the Arthurs Pass highway.

Volvo_MTC_truck_graphics-9470MTC exterior sign - agricultural trailer variation 2.
A white glazed ceramic mug with the MTC logo tyre tread pattern graphic wrapped around it.


Project name: MTC Equipment branding
Branding / Print design / Responsive web design
Client (Industry): MTC Equipment (Automotive)
Formats: Advertising / Booklet / Brochure / Direct mail / Stationery / Website
Date: 2015


Art direction/graphic design/web design/UX design: Shaun Waugh
Copywriter: Client / Shaun Waugh
Printer: BrightPrint Limited
Web Design: MagentaDot Brands
Web development: DMM
Font credits: Defense, Futura, Futura Condensed, Impact

©magentadot brands