Southern DC3, ZK AMY air-to-air

Southern DC3 streamlined moderne livery

While working as in-house Creative Designer at Pionair the opportunity presented itself to design a retro moderne livery for the DC3 aircraft ZK-AMY to compliment the logo I designed for the SDC3 Charitable Trust. The Southern DC3 livery brief was for a quality “retro” design to makeover the aircraft with the minimum of effort and […]

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Spirit of Papua New Guinea launch brochure. Direct mail campaign to Pionair database and agents. One of three tour packages promoted in the Pionair Group Travel direct mail campaign.

Spirit of Papua New Guinea

The Spirit of Papua New Guinea escorted tour launch brochure. One of three “Hidden Gems” brochures forming a 2009 direct mail campaign to Pionair’s past traveller database and affluent travel agents in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

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