The creative brief

Agrimm, Vinevax logo, presentation document, MagentaDot Brands

Cover of Vinevax product rename and rebrand presentation.

As an art director, designer and brand manager I strive to produce the best logos, conceptual print collateral pieces and websites that money can buy. In 2002 the Vinevax product naming, logo design and branding project was no exception. Agrimm technologies was at that time an established biotechnology company that was formed in 1984 by David Gale, FIMLS and Dr John Hunt, MSc PhD. Agrimm Technologies’ laboratories and specialist production facilities based in Lincoln, near Christchurch have grown to be a world leader in the development and manufacture of effective, safe and environmentally friendly biological or ‘living barrier’ plant protection products focussing on the Trichoderma family of beneficial fungi.

Around 2002 the results from independent field testing from a PhD study being conducted at Adelaide University proved that a formulation of their ‘Trichoseal’ wettable powder product for vines was a protective and a cost effective treatment against dieback disease. At this point Agrimm engaged the services of Christchurch design firm tattoo brand management to rename and rebrand the legacy ‘modular’ product type naming system; Trichoseal,  -dowels, -pel, -ject… under which their plant protection products were marketed.


The brand and product system communications strategy

The tattoo creative team developed the exciting new product brand name, ‘Vinevax’, alongside a matched type and symbol brand and an open-ended system of individual product positioning statement ‘lock-ups’, i.e;

Vinevax Living barrier wound dressing for vines wettable powder
Vinevax Bio-inoculant injection injectable high dose liquid
Vinevax Natural bio-inoculant implant ‘Plug-in’ minidowel, impregnated with the Trichoderma ingredient

…etc, the system format is an open-ended list.

These products were re-launched sequentially onto the market, under Agrimm‘s established Trichoprotection® quality mark, by way of a consistently themed campaign of;

  • a consistently formatted series of new product capabilities brochures, one per product type and/or specific grower / customer type
  • grower ‘trade’ magazine advertising
  • trade-show display collateral, and
  • set of packaging labels
Agrimm, Vinevax logo, presentation document spread, MagentaDot Brands

Introduction to the Vinevax presentation.

The distinction and real difference between the legacy system, the innovation in marketing communications terms, is that the Vinevax system addresses the product branding from the users’ point of view. It seizes on the interaction between the product and the user, the priority being to describe what the product actually does for the user, how the living barrier product ‘behaves’ biologically. That is an inherently more interesting creative direction and marketing communications direction  and it engages the imagination more sensibly than the legacy focus on the physical form of the product.

These days I am well aware you want your branding and marketing communications to work hard. As hard as, let’s say, this Vinevax branding project does. So to see more proof just have a look around or call Shaun on;
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The ‘from the factory floor up’ method of developing brand systems, rather than with an end-user focus, is a common trait of marketing communication developed by decision makers working ‘in the business’.

The brand design rationale

Agrimm, Vinevax logo, presentation document spread, stationery, letterhead, packaging label, MagentaDot Brands

Sample spread from the Vinevax presentation. Product labelling and stationery drafts.

A blend of the outstanding clarity and distinction of the new product name, and research into the client’s market, their competitors and the biology of commensalism (by which trichoderma behaves as a living-barrier to plant pathogens), plus extensive visual research lead to several design solutions. Our recommendation to the client, approved by them in the presentation, is inspired by one of the intricate yet simple mathematical designs that are found in nature. One that is related to a certain mathematical sequence know as the Fibonacci series—as seen in the opposing spiral forms of flowers, pinecones and pineapples. Inspired by these natural forms the bold, clean and modern new brand expresses at once a radiant shield-like energy, dynamic rotation and vigorous growth out from the centre.

The dynamics of colour and type

The dynamics of colour use are intrinsic to the process of solving graphic design problems. With thoughtful and skilled use of colour, logos make a strong first impression and the shapes that brands take are made memorable.

The forms that logos take are a key aspect of a successful solution, but it is colour that is the power that holds the brand together and engages and absorbs the viewer when the brand is applied across the system and identity over diverse media.

Agrimm trichoprotection, Vinevax, Pruning wound dressing, a5 landscape, brochure,

Front cover of Vinevax pruning and wound dressing brochure, A5 landscape booklet.

Used well, colour sells a product.

The solution to the problem of appropriate colour for the Vinevax brand came from within the problem as did the solution to the choice of type. Agrimm is a biotechnology company and their ‘living barrier’, bio-inoculant product Vinevax actively improves the cultivation of grapes.


Project name: Vinevax brand & identity system, packaging & promotional design presentation
Brand and identity systems design / Illustration / Package design  / Promotional design and advertising / Typographic design
Client (Industry): Agrimm Technologies (Biotechnology)
Formats: Booklet / Brand identity / Corporate strategy / Digital Illustration / Label / Logo / Newsletter / Package / Stationery
Date: 2002


Printer: Croft Print Limited
Design firm:
Account executive: tattoo
Copywriter: tattoo (including product naming)
Creative director / designer / illustrator / print production: Shaun Waugh, The Waugh Office
Font credits: Barmeno, Garamond Condensed