Shaun Waugh
T: +64 21 067 6176

magentadot brands
Design that dots the eyes,
Branding that cuts a dash
created freelance and as senior designer/art director in a studio.

T A K E   A   L O O K

Vinevax - pruning wound dressing logo. Brands for New Zealand companies, Christchurch, New Zealand.Beautiful Brides of Hope bridal couture logo, type set within and among icons style logo. "Beautiful Brides" is set all caps, in black, spaced out in the elegant, compressed Radiant font with exaggerated thick and thin letterforms.. The "of Hope" is set in a complimentary script. The type spans a central, minimal, flowing freehand line drawing of a white bridal gown modelled on a mannequin. Brands for New Zealand businesses, Nelson, New Zealand.AbsoluteProof - Digital Proofing Resolved. A symbol and type Logo, product name positioning statement lock-up. The Absolute-Proof symbol is a donut shaped “O” ring trisected, having rotational symmetry about 120 degrees of rotation. The three segments are filled respectively with Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and the engraved style vector linework is black. The symbol is dynamic, appearing to rotate forward in a clockwise direction, like the digital colour engine it represents. Brands for New Zealand / International companies.
Pionair logo, rebrand


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