BRAND-AID Auto Restorations logo recreation steps two to five: Simplify the car icons details and strengthen the line weights for use at screen icon size. Typographic design, finesse setting the type within and among the car icons, de-clutter the stacking and separation of elements for clear legibility.

Auto Restorations logo. Brands for New Zealand companies, Christchurch, New Zealand.Sometimes going back to the drawing board is what a logo needs to make it successful. In the case of Auto Restorations it lacked the valuable characteristics that most successful business logos share. Their logo was in need of repair. BRAND-AID® is our logo repair, vectorising and rendering service that turns unusable logos into clean web & print files by converting the small printed image of the logo into a clean vector drawing format.

The Auto Restorations logo original while it is distinctive, has good proportions and does a good job of presenting the logo and name as a unit was not bold. It was “too busy”, the fine lines of the illustration made it look poor because;

  1. they’re hard to see, and
  2. fine lines break down and disappear when rendered on the screen and don’t work printed at small size on a business card.

Auto Restorations’ original 1973 logo. This diagram highlights the broken-down overly intricate line work and the poorly trapped blue colour separation.

The typefaces chosen that were trendy in the 70s are not suitable today, in general restrained is best. Overall the re-creation of the logo was more subtle than dramatic, by simplifying the illustration and typography and better integrating the logo and name the result is a strong expression of Auto Restorations’ distinctive company culture.

Typography facelift

I replaced ‘Auto’ and ‘Restorations’ with fonts from the restrained geometric Futura family, then eversed ‘Restorations’ out of a black panel to embolden the logo and give the cars solid ground to stand on.

To repair the car drawings I scanned a printed hard copy—then redrew it and cleaned it up manually, “by eye”, using my technical skills and professional graphic design software to create a new vector “parent” or source file. Because I am a perfectionist who likes to do jobs once and do them well I opt for hand rendering my vector conversions. While tracing using hand-drawn techniques takes longer than the automated software options, this job is a good example of how the automatic tracing of the image would have been unable to create results to anywhere near an acceptable standard. Software cannot refer to books and photos to correctly draw the louvering, handbrake and alloy wheels on a 1920s Bugatti.

Bugatti t49, photo of Auto Restorations Classic car restoration, a side elevation clear cut on a white background as mixed digital illustration and photocomposite.

Bugatti t49, photo of an Auto Restorations Classic car restoration.

The final vector based images are very small and scale up and down without loss of image quality. With low quality originals hand-rendered vector art traced over the original is the only way to problem solve the need for finished art that can be reproduced at any size or resolution. Vector files are virtually mandatory for printing and low cost “cut vinyl” signage cannot be made without a vector based version of your logo.

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What I need to get started

Logo repair jobs range from simple to intricate, I need to see what the raw materials are that I will have to work with. The better the quality of the of the original source file the easier the redrawing, clean-up and repair process and the faster your design will be restored better than new. Contact me here.


Logo repair, what does it cost?

The level of service scales with the complexity of the job and the quality of the source material you supply, how quickly you require it to be done and the range of final file formats you need. All our logo repair projects will provide you with the clean web and print ready files that you need to put your restored logo to use.

Simple Complex Rush rates
Logo restoration only Logo restoration only Logo restoration only
$250 (+gst) $375 (+gst) $450 (+gst)
For relatively complex logos & good quality reference material. For very complex logos or low grade source material. Delivery negotiated. Consultation required in the initial stages.
Essential set of print & web files. Professional set of print & web files. Professional set of print & web files.


Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Designer, Illustrator: Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands

automotive, Digital illustration, Illustration, Logo, Typographic design

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