Silver Cloud, 100% Blue Agave Spirit, Terry Knight

A documentary photo essay that I shot of the fabulous Silver Cloud 100% Pure Agave liquor launch event at Nicola’s Cantina in Nelson New Zealand.

The feature of the launch event was the planned auction by Terry Knight of only the first two of the thirty bottle limited release, bottles number 30 and 29.

Silver Cloud 100% Blue Agave Spirit is distilled and cultivated in Golden Bay, the brainchild of Terry Knight and Rachel Raine of Kiwi Spirit distillery.

MagentaDot Brands of South New Brighton originated the ultimate product name “Silver Cloud” and designed the first release brand and packaging solution. To provide full support to my client I flew to Nelson to carefully hand-apply the packaging system to the bottles with the able help of my fab sister Catherine Anderson. The 700ml bottles are hand-blown art glass by Höglund Art Glass of Nelson, each of them a unique art work.

Read more about the Silver Cloud launch event over at



Project name: Silver Cloud: Small Batch, Hand-crafted 100% Blue Agave Spirit brand and packaging system
Client (Industry):
 Kiwi Spirit Distillery (Consumer Products)
Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design / Copywriting / Digital Illustration / Graphic design / Handlettering / logo design / Illustration  / Product name origination / Photography / Print production / Promotional design and advertising /
Format: Label / Logo / Package / Point of sale collateral / Trademark Date: 2014


Printer: Croft Printing Limited
Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Copywriter / Name origination: Chrissie Terpstra, Shaun Waugh
Creative director / designer /photographer: Shaun Waugh
Font credits: Meta Bold LF Caps, Meta, Rage Italic

Brand and identity systems design, Consumer products, documentary photography, Graphic design, Handlettering, Illustration, Label, Package design, Print production, Social photography, Typographic design
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