Jewelled Gecko Giclée on white background, A1 size. Illustration, New Zealand wildlife art.

Jewelled Gecko—Naultinus Gemmeus: From wildlife illustration on the drawing board for hand-screenprinted garments to a limited edition large format Giclée…

Surface Active was an auto-printmaking, craft and design partnership established in 1986 by Chrissie Terpstra and I. Between 1986–2002 we were committed to producing original & indigenous designs of the highest design and screenprinting standards, providing a more interesting and beautiful product than your average tee—wearable art that celebrates the unique assets of New Zealand

Jewelled_Gecko_mail_order_catalogue_14How did we do it? Hours spent at the drawing board, artfully rendering each separate colour to give vibrancy and detail (Shaun). Crafty low-tech, hand-pulled screenprinting techniques allowed us to create finely detailed designs, brought to life on the garment (Chrissie)—wild art to wear.

It was a great job and we got to do it!

Jewelled Gecko (Naultinus Gemmeus) original fine art print by Surface Active

Jewelled Gecko Giclée on light grey matt background, A1 size (120cm x 84cm), shown being output from a wide-format inkjet printer. Illustration, New Zealand wildlife art.Over the past 3 years I have been high resolution scanning and meticulously re-creating our original, master multicolour screenprint wildlife artwork as large size, high resolution digital fine art prints. The Jewelled Gecko is the first of these designs to be completed.

The Jewelled Gecko Giclée or wide-format inkjet print is an Archival Digital Pigment Print on Museum Grade Fine Art Paper, to be published in a signed, limited edition of 50.

This Surface Active portfolio of original New Zealand wildlife art Giclée being developed and marketed exclusively by MagentaDot Brands is a work in progress, please visit again…


Documentary Photos: Thanks to a young woman, student of Fine Arts at Ilam, University of Canterbury
Crafty screenprinters: Deborah McDonald, Chrissie Terpstra
Gecko Illustration reference photos: Rod Morris
Illustrator: Shaun Waugh
Design and Art Direction: Chrissie Terpstra/Shaun Waugh

Archival digital pigment print, Design & architecture, Giclée, Illustration, Print production, Serigraph
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