Opening the second, four-page spread of Auto Restorations‘ double gate-fold capabilities brochure. Advertising and Promotion, designed and printed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Convair CV580 Cabin Safety Instructions Card, front cover, hand-heldMagentaDot brands delivers quality communication arts design and graphic design services that create logos and brand assets that hit the sweet spot. Our creative branding, corporate identities, advertising and promotion work effectively connects customers with our clients.

“Graphic design is visual problem solving of marketing communications ‘problems’, the problem statement or creative brief cannot be thoroughly formulated before the visual communications problem has been solved. The shaping of the design brief, resolving the strategic marketing question is part of the answer. The classic ‘Strategy, Content, Form’ methodology is a dialogue between designer and client, a workflow, not a one-way street.”—Shaun Waugh

Advertising design, Brand and identity systems design, Copywriting, Corporate communications design, Design & architecture, Graphic design, Illustration, Package design, Photography, Print production, Promotional design and advertising, videography, Web design

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