Velocette Racing New Zealand website, showcase, brand & identity systems design, photography, promotional design and advertising, web design

Velocette Racing New Zealand organisation logo. Classic racing motorcycle enthusiasts organisation brand. ‘Coca-Cola’ style sloped and looped copperplate lettering in metallic gold on a black background, consistent with the historic livery of Velocette motorcycles. Brands for New Zealand / International organisations.As a designer every now & then you get involved with a project that takes on a life of its own. Velocette Racing New Zealand’s campaign to rebuild and race the Eldee Velocette at the Isle of Man Classic TT in August 2014 had its beginning in the 1950s. The story of the Eldee Velocette is part of both NZ and Australia’s classic motorcycle racing folklore.

Eldee-2, magazine advertisement, ClassicRacer,At the Hampton Downs racing event in February 2013 MagentaDot Brands joined a small team of dedicated classic motorcycle racing enthusiasts all contributing their skills and resources to the project not-for-profit. MagentaDot undertook to provide VRNZ the full multi-disciplinary designer’s kit of branding skills, graphic design, web design, writing and advertising…  the VRNZ brand’s promotional and advertising campaign is a showcase and a media platform, the journal of the home-brewed Kiwi project to build the fastest Velocette Lightweight Special of the 50s from downunder and race it at the Isle of Man Classic T.T. in August 2014.

The website is part of a clear and straightforward brand toolkit created for VRNZ. It aims not just to tell the story of a Colonial Velo’s return to the 2014 I.O.M. Classic TT, but to get the reader to connect powerfully with the passion that drives the men who champion this ambitious project. With the liberal use of noisy and dynamic action photos, with slideshow ‘visual essays’, short pithy videos, and both short and long-form articles about the machines and the personalities behind them the site aims to get visitors to ‘smell the Castrol’ of Classic Motorcycle Racing.

As anticipated, the project is taking a very large investment of time, materials, and top-of-the-line professional expertise—so it can always do with more support. Hence MagentaDot is selling the VRNZ merchandise we designed for the campaign here on the ‘Goods’ page of this site as well.

For more information about this project visit the Eldee T.T. Isle of Man project sketch page.


Client: Velocette Racing New Zealand
Category: Media, entertainment and sports
Web Design firm / Project management / CMS site build: MagentaDot Brands.
Web coding and CMS: WordPress ‘Ampersand’ theme
Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design, Copy writing, photography, digital illustration, Web design, Web content management

Advertising design, automotive, Brand and identity systems design, Classic motorcycle racing, Copywriting, Design & architecture, Logo, Media, entertainment & sports, Photography, Promotional design and advertising, Social media, technical writing, Technology, Typographic design, Web design

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