BRAND-AID Auto Restorations logo recreation steps two to five: Simplify the car icons details and strengthen the line weights for use at screen icon size. Typographic design, finesse setting the type within and among the car icons, de-clutter the stacking and separation of elements for clear legibility.

Auto Restorations logo. Brands for New Zealand companies, Christchurch, New Zealand.BRAND-AID® logo and brand rescue & repair service.

MagentaDot Brands can help with the restoration of old brands that are in need of repair. Please note that while I use hyperbole to label these pages, it is not meant to be taken literally. My intentions for publishing this brand repair sketch and the VRNZ / Atujara Motorcycle Club example is to make my production pipeline transparent and to reveal some of the challenges and breakthroughs of my visual identity creations.

In the transition from analogue to digital-in, digital-out print design, the complex physics of ink on paper remains unchanged, however the requirements for reproducing thumbnail-sized brands 1 pixel deep on screen have fundamentally changed the nature of logo design. Therefore, observing the fact that logo ‘art for reproduction’ produced for print in the 70s or 90s is ill-suited for branding a website is not intended to belittle the best endeavour of the graphic artist who hand crafted the original work back in the day. Quite the contrary, having myself been schooled in those analogue tools and methods and then upskilled to digital design the aim of these Brand-Aid pages is to peek behind the scenes at how respectful re-creations of the originals are hand-crafted in order to create well presented memorable brand expressions that are faithful, that show the strictest fidelity to the big idea within the original artist’s work. Brand-Aid is about the work and how taking care of the pixel-level, points-and-paths details can lead to grand creative breakthroughs.

Step one: Redraw the classic cars

Redraw the stack of two iconic vehicles as vector drawings over a scan of the original, referring also to photo reference of the classic cars. For example the details of the Bugatti race car such as louvreing, the wheels and exterior handbrake.

Steps two to five: Test and simplify, typography

Test and improve the car icons in an iterative process. Reduce the first iteration of the redrawn artwork to screen size, paste into Photoshop, critically review. Simplify the car icons’ details, strengthen the line weights for use at thumbnail screen size. Typographic design: Select a clean sans-serif typeface of the correct time period for the vehicles and well suited to screen and print, Futura. Following the spirit of the original design set the type within and among the car icons. Reverse ‘Restorations’ out of a black panel to give the cars a chunk of tarmac to stand on. De-clutter the stacking and separation of elements for crystal clear legibility against both white and black backgrounds.

Examples of the strengthened brand applied to;

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